The mat Problems are in the file down below
MAC1105 HW # 2 Find (fOg), (gof), (fOf), and (gOg):

1) f(x)=3x+7, g(x)=2x-1
2) f(x)=x2+2x-2, g(x)=x-2

3) 4)
29) X+3y=4; 2x-2y=5 30) 4x+3y=1; 2x-5y=12
32) We need to produce 50 Liters of a 45 % acid solution. In the Lab we only have a 30% acid solution and a 60% acid solution. How much Liters of each solution must be mixed to obtain the 50 Liters we need?
33) The sum of two numbers is 139, but their difference is 71. Find the numbers.
34) In a two digits number we know that twice the tens digits less three times the units digit is 10, but the difference between the tens and the units digit is 6. Find the number.
35) When we add three times a numbers and four times another number the result is 129. But when we subtract three times the second number less twice times the first we get 33. Find the two numbers.

5) Find the Inverse Function:

6) 7)
8) 9) 10) 11)
f(x)=10x-5, (- f(x)=x2-3, (0,
, )

, ,

Solve the equation:
12) (23x)(4x-1)=8 13) (32x-1)(9x)=27 14) (16x)(43x-2)=1/64 15) (25x-2)(5x-3)=125 16) (27x)(9x-2)=1/34 17) (23x+3)(4x-2)=1/16 18) Log3(x+1)-Log3(x)=1 19) Log2(4)+Log2(x-1)=2 20) Log4(x+1)+Log4(x-1)=1 21) Log3(x)+Log3(x+1)=1 22) Log6(5x-2)=Log6(2x+3)+Log6(2) 23) Log5(x2-2x)=Log5(2) 24) Log3(2x-4)=Log3(x-1)+1 25) 35x+2=5 26) 42x-1=3 27) 2x-y=3; 3x+y=5 28) 4x-5y=1; x-y=9
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