This TMA is based on your selection of a leadership example. Please choose one of the proposed leaders:

– Mahatma Gandhi

– Martin Luther King

– Nelson Mandela

– Abraham Lincoln

– Volodymyr Zelenskyy

In order to complete this TMA, you need to have material that identifies a leadership example and gives insight into how ethics informs the person and/or practice.

You will have collected some examples in your studies to help you justify and substantiate your choice throughout the assessment. Please use following sources related to your chosen example:

  • interviews
  • media stories
  • newspaper articles
  • recordings or texts of speeches

It is important to include a reference list at the end of the report referencing all your sources.

Question 1

Provide a brief description of the leadership example you have selected and explain why you have done so (200 words)

For the first question you should give a brief description of the leadership example you are going to focus on. Do not go into excessive detail but provide enough to give a sense of this individual and the context in which the example you use unfolded. You should also provide justification for why you chose this example, that is, why the example is particularly relevant to leadership and ethics. In choosing a leadership example you have to analyse in ethical terms – as ethics is often about people making difficult decisions.

Question 2

Analyse the leadership example in respect of ethics using two concepts drawn from Block 5 (1400 words)

This part of the TMA requires you to use two concepts to analyse the leadership example you have selected based upon the evidence you have gathered.

Please find the concepts available to choose from:

– Six-Stage model of ethical decision making

– Practicing ethic as tempered radical

– moral person and moral manager concept

– Kant’s approach to principles

– Discourse ethic

You should choose those which you think offer insight into your chosen leadership example from an ethical perspective.

In writing this part of the TMA you need to demonstrate an understanding of the concepts you choose and your ability to apply these concepts to a real case. You should use the evidence to explore and analyse the leadership example using concepts to inform your analysis. Long descriptions of what a leader has done without reference to concepts will not attract many marks, nor will long descriptions of concepts without application to the leadership example.

Question 3

Using one concept from the provided list, offer written advice to the leader in respect of practicing leadership and ethics (400 words)

In answering this question think of yourself as offering advice to the leader in the example you have selected on how leadership might be improved in respect of ethics. The particular advice should be grounded in one of available concept; this can be a concept already used in Question 2 but it does not need to be. Your answer to this question will draw upon both your analysis in Question 2 and the evidence you have collected for this TMA. You should seek to use the concept you select to offer practical and tangible advice to the leader, showing its practical relevance for their development. Think of yourself as a coach to this person who are looking for ways of developing themselves. Do not spend an excessive number of words describing the concept; instead focus on the practical implications of the concept you have chosen.

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