Analysis/argument essay about drama.

The drama is about the two different interpretations by James Earle Jones and Denzel Washington of the same scene from Fences. This essay is creative, insightful, well-argued.

Here are the two scenes and link:


1.     What does the title of the play Fences signify to you? Analyze the major characters and relationships in the play – Troy, Rose, Cory, Lyons, Bono, Gabriel etc. How are the main characters’ lives representative of the options in life for African Americans in the 1950’s? Have things changed in our day; how? Why does Troy discourage his son Cory’s athletic ambitions? Have you known anyone like Troy with a similar bitter history and pattern of destructive inner conflicts? Analyze the humor as well as the anger in this play. Analyze the role of music and symbolism in the play? You could add quotations, references, and critical thinking to ideas in Troy Maxson/George Floyd and develop your response essay into an analytical/argument essay.

2.     Organize your essay with an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Make sure this analysis/argument essay on drama has a strong introduction with a clear topic, thesis, and sub-topics. Write an inviting lead and a conclusion that restates the topic and thesis in a new way and ends with a memorable outro. Introduce each paragraph with a topic sentence and general observations.

3.     Use quotations and references to support your sub-topic arguments. Use critical thinking to prove and elaborate your arguments. Close each paragraph with general concluding statements and a smooth transition to the next paragraph.


In your analysis of drama, you can:

Reveal the themes and structure of the play and analyze any repeated patterns.

Focus on one main character or on a group of characters who are foils for each other.

Compare/contrast characters within the same play

Analyze the impact of the setting on the characters and themes of the play.

Analyze the symbolism and other aspects of the play such as acting, sets, direction, lighting, music.

Support all your critical observations with lots of quotations and references to what characters said and did in the play.


 This essay can be a Documented Essay with research, in-text citations, and a Works Cited list.


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