For this assignment, and for your paper, you will need to find a of sources which will include at least (hardback ebook; both are acceptable), , and in an alternate format (YouTube video, email from an expert, visual such as a poster, etc.).  You are not limited to 10 sources; that’s just your starting point.  By now, you have begun to understand that part of the point of a college education is to learn how to pose a meaningful problem to investigate, to analyze what authorities say, and to form judgment about that problem or issue. Performing research and writing a paper is not merely a matter of reporting on others’ ideas, but also—most importantly—includes engagement with those ideas. In other words, once you have a sense of how scholars in the field think about a topic, you place yourself in conversation with them by advancing your thoughtful, considered, substantiated opinion.  Moreover, it is expected of you that you work your sources and that you explain the ways that the many ideas interact, vary, differ, or agree.  You are also expected to create your own research space—in other words, you make clear how and why your research question is worth investigating and what makes it meaningful and timely.  When your claim is clearly stated and well supported with solid evidence, your reading audience will not only take you seriously but may also be persuaded by your position.  Therefore, for this assignment, using your research question, sources from your Annotated Bibliography, and drawing on all of the thinking you put into the worksheets, write a lively, interesting research paper that and or it (you have actually already been doing this in your worksheets; now you’ll just make it more polished and refined). Your in this paper is to present the information about your topic in the best way that emphasizes the points your research revealed to you that makes your argument convincing and persuasive.  By now, you should have a strong sense of your (or ), so organize the points of your argument in the sequence that leads your reader to a logical conclusion. Note that constructing this research paper is a simple matter of cutting and pasting from your sources, but to your information into a well-ordered argument and to use the sources to support claim. Consider also the of your paper; let your word choice (in the most formal fashion, of course) indicate how you feel about what you’ve learned from your research as well as be the most appealing to your audiences.   This paper should be 4-6 pages, in Times New Roman font, 1½ spaced lines; use proper MLA citation format both in-text and on the Works Cited pages; and have a nice appropriate title, as well as a clear introduction and conclusion.  Of course, proofread for spelling, usage, mechanics, and punctuation errors.  Your paper should include citations from all ten of your researched sources.  My idea:  How can we get more people to recycle and use reusable items?The Three R’s of the Environment I chose this title because I feel to reuse, reduce, and to recycle is the main goal of my research paper. We are quickly running out of space. It’s time to learn the three R’s of the environment: reduce, reuse, recycle.In my project, my goal is to not only enlighten people to do better for the environment but to grab their attention in a way that would not only help our world but also a way that they can benefit from the problem. An idea that I’ve came across that I believe that would really push a positive environmental impact is using reusable shopping bags. I want to push customers in using reusable shopping bags and in return we would reward the customer. For example, discount their purchase, offer a gift, or etc.The reason I picked this idea is because I worked retail for several years and certainly have three different detail jobs which include Stein Mart, American Eagle, and University of Toledo Rocky Store. In my years of working I’ve seen many plastic bags go to waste for no reason. All three of my place of employment do not recycle bags. In this project, I hope to learn and find a way to both benefit the customer and the seller by still doing good for the environment. The main concern I have is will the seller buy into the idea. The seller has the most power in this solution. It’s a must to convince the seller to use reusable bags and in exchange give the customer a discount. Another concern I would face is, will the customer keep track of their reusable bags. People tend to lose things easily, but if the seller offers a good exchange for using a reusable bag, the customer will focus more on not losing it. The best was for this idea to go through is by giving the customers a reward. 
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