3. Consider the following four pairs of monomorphemic and bimorphemic words of English, and complete the exercises that follow.


autumn / autumnal


fatal / fatality


defend / defensible


deceive / deceptive

First, for each pair, provide a phonetic transcription of the two words it includes.
Then, based on your knowledge of English, identify the allomorphs of the shared root morpheme for each pair of words. Underline the relevant portions of the transcriptions you provided showing these allomorphs.
Lastly, for any derivational affix you identify in any of the pairs of words, state the morphological rule (using the formula X + Y → Z) governing its usage.
4. Consider the data below from Hungarian (Finno-Ugric), and complete the activities that follow. Apart from [a], which is a low central lax unrounded vowel, forms are transcribed according to standard IPA conventions; note [y] is a high front tense rounded vowel. (Data adapted from Mihalicek and Wilson 2011.)





























































Identify the allomorphs of the Hungarian plural marker, as well as their conditioning environments, using natural classes and referencing specific forms from the data set to support your claims.

Propose an underlying form for the Hungarian plural marker. Explain your choice (1-2 sentences should suffice).

Write a (morpho)phonological rule (using the formula X → Y / Z) to generate the conditioned allomorph, in both formal notation (as best you can) and prose, and named.

You can include the entire underlying form for the plural marker in the X position of the general rule formula. Strive for as simple an analysis as possible.
d. Provide phonological derivations for the Hungarian plural forms of ‘man†(3), ‘head†(9), ‘drum†(11), and ‘coat†(13) (so, four derivations total).
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