Creative title (at the top of the first page), divide your work into five paragraphs, 2-3 pages, double spaced, no citations or references needed, write in your own words, use Microsoft Word (Or "save as" "download as" RTF, PDF, Word)

Reflection Writing:
Reflective writing is similar to writing a journal. It’s the process of looking back over your experience and noting what was important, inspiring, helpful, or applicable to you as a learner, a future employee or in other personal ways.
Did the course help you learn more about the diverse nature of the human experience? Did the course help you gain new insights concerning yourself and others? Did the course help you to become a deeper thinker/learner overall? Explain with examples.
Think about this quote: What does it mean to you? How does reflection help us learn?
“A man may hear a thousand lecturesand read a thousand volumes, and be at the end of the process very much where he was, as regards knowledge.  Something more than merely memorizing it into the mind is necessary if it is to be understood and useful.  It must not be passively received, but actively entered into, embraced, mastered.  The mind must go half-way to meet what comes to it from without.” John Henry Newman
Overall Directions:  (MLA or APA style – double space; 12 pt. font)
(2 to 3 pages)
Select three concepts (or theory) that you learned in this course that you found interesting, memorable, and applicable to the “real world” (or to your personal life in some way).
Explain the concept (or theory) in your own words and explain why it was interesting/memorable for you; then, describe how the theory is relevant to today’s world and/or to your own personal life.
Paragraph One: Introduction
Provide an introduction to your paper that gives an overview of your experience learning about psychological principles.
Paragraph Two: Concept or Theory #1 using the stated format above.
Paragraph Three: Concept or Theory #2 using the stated format above.
Paragraph Four: Concept or Theory #3 using the stated format above.
Paragraph Five: Conclusion
Think of a creative way to end the essay that would briefly summarize your main points and experiences of learning about psychology.

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