In this assignment, you will be learning about using justice and social contract theories. And applying them to a current example that you select for analysis. You will also be using your work with GVV so far in this analysis process

In a 3-7 page APA formatted paper excluding diagrams and other visual/oral aids as appropriate, address the following:

Section 1 – Justice and Social Contract Theories: In this section you will be delving into these theories from a variety of perspectives. Using the weekly readings and videos and at least two other scholarly sources provide an overview of this theory to include the following;

  • Definition, individual elements, or subsets of the main theories
  • Contributors to the development of these theories
  • Historical foundations for this theory, in other words, what societal elements or circumstances caused this theory to be developed?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating this theory into decision-making in the contemporary world?
  • Using your GVV based values, purpose profile, strengths and enablers, would this theory be in alignment with your decision making? Why or why not?

Section 2 – Analysis of a current business situation or event

In this section you will be applying the work you completed in the prior section to a current business situation (current would be within the last 6 months) that is of interest to you from the vendor/customer relationship perspective. You may use a personal example, select from your own sources or use the many business reporting sources in the university library.

  • Based on your research and any practical experiences you may want to share, discuss the business and societal ramifications of inappropriate vendor/customer relationships. Include at least two scholarly sources in addition to the relevant weekly readings/videos
  • Provide a summary of the business that you have selected for this analysis. Include but not limited to;
    • Name
    • Industry
    • Values, Vision, Mission, purpose
    • Public vs private
    • Financials
    • Size
    • National/International
  • Discuss why you selected this company. What was of interest to you?
  • Overview of conflict of inappropriate vendor/customer relationship that that you have identified. Potential items to include;
    • Details of the conflict in this relationship
    • Impact on the business which can include hard dollar costs as well as other costs
    • Did this issue conflict with
      • With company stated values and purpose?
      • Cultural Norms?
    • Your values and purpose (if you were affiliated with this company)?
  • Identification of possible cause(s) of these issues

Section 3 – Personal Application

  • If you were tasked with creating an action plan to create changes to company operating processes that would reduce the possibility of this issue reoccurring
    • Would you use consequentialism as a basis for decision making, advantages and disadvantages? Why or why not?
    • Would you use deontology as a basis for decision making, advantages and disadvantages? Why or why not?
    • Would you include Justice and/or social contract theory as a basis for decision making, advantages and disadvantages? Why or why not?
    • List your values, purpose strengths and enablers
    • Discuss how you integrate your values, purpose and strengths and into the action plan creation

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