MIn your essay, argue your own position on ONE of the topics the author discusses. Do not simply agree or disagree with the original author; but strive to present your own solid position using the process outlined in the Everyones an Author chapter on Arguing a Position (116-145). Be SURE to stake a claim in your argument thesis.

Your essay should include a strong thesis statement stating your overall position, and your essay should do more than simply explain what you think. You will determine clear claims for the basis of your position, and explain your position using fair and balanced reasoning, appropriate evidence, and thorough explanations. Try incorporating a list into your argument thesis if you can. If you cant, indicate the list previous to the thesis in the Introduction.

You need to provide more than your own opinion in order to be convincing. Therefore, you will need to incorporate material from the original author and any other source you use. Be sure to summarize, quote, or paraphrase any sources and identify that material correctly using signal phrases and MLA in-text citation style. Since this is your final essay for this class, you need to synthesize outside material, and you will need to remind yourself about the information in the chapters on Quoting, Paraphrasing, Summarizing, Giving Credit, Avoiding Plagiarism; and MLA Style to ensure that you adequately do all of the above.

Finally, see the Characteristic Features for Arguing a Position found in the Arguing A Position/A Roadmap in the textbook (138-145) for a quick checklist of the things your essay must do in order to be considered an argument position paper.


For this essay, you are writing for a formal academic audience. This means that as a writer; you are being judged based on your evidence and reasons rather than on how you hit a readers emotional buttons.

Style & Format

5-6 pages (no less than 5, no more than 8), double-spaced, in MLA format, 12 point font, Times New Roman as discussed in class. Papers that tend to be on the short side tend to get Cs or lower. AVOID FOUR, FIVE, and SIX PARAGRAPH ESSAYS. College essays rarely stick to the five-paragraph structure taught in junior high and high school, as college papers require more in-depth discussion and explanation. 

Source Requirement

Seven source minimum. 

       One source must be in book form.

       One source must be a printed periodical. 

       One source must be a source from this past year either from the New York Times or another acceptable new source. 

       Except for the sources obtained from our textbook or from a newspaper, all other sources should be obtained using a scholarly database such as EBSCOHost or Academic Search Complete or CQ Researcher. These scholarly databases can be obtained at the Lone Star College Library website. 

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