Assignment: Rewards, Risks & Contingency Planning


Introduction: Every business will incur certain risks and rewards.  So far, we have reviewed various business risks such as unlimited liability, losses for sole proprietors, conflicts between partners, ethical issues, employee conflicts, and government restrictions, as well as a host of business rewards such as tax deductions, freedom from government control in partnerships, and full control of businesses by sole proprietors.  In the current module, we have explored ‘Planning” as a function of management, along with the phrase ‘contingency planning’. As managers, it is our goal to capitalize on the rewards while reducing and managing the risks.  Step #1 in managing risks is to develop an awareness of potential risks, which then allows us to create contingency plans to overcome the risks should they occur.  In Part I, let’s start by focusing on business rewards, then we will move on to Part II where we can identify major potential risk categories such as: market-place, financial, security, and employee-related.  Finally, we will add two additional risk examples and correlating contingency plans.

Let’s get started: DOWNLOAD this entire document and fill in additional information where requested.  Then upload the completed document to this dropbox.

Part I Directions: Through self-guided internet research, the intellectually curious mind can find many examples of potential rewards in business. Add two (2) or more examples of Business Rewards to this list:

Business Rewards
A deep sense of satisfaction
Being the one in control
Providing sustainable jobs and income for others
The opportunity to give back / community responsibility
The satisfaction of excellent customer feedback
Financial Rewards
After conducting additional research, what other business rewards can you add here?


Part II Directions: In this section, begin by reviewing the chart below.  Then, through self-guided internet research (using key words and phrases such as “business risks”, “business financial risks”, “security related business risks”, “ethical misconduct”, etc.), fill in the blank rows on the bottom with two or more examples.  Be sure to save your resources (the web sites where you research information) as you will be required to include these with your assignment.

Risk Category Contingency plan
Cash Flow Financial +Maintain 3-month Emergency Cash Reserve
Availability of Working Capital Financial +Maintain Open line of business credit

+Maintain zero debt tolerance

Suppliers raising prices Financial +Maintain a working relationship with more than one supplier
Poor Management Employee-related +Careful and informed selection process

+Management Mentoring program

+Advanced Management Training

+Carefully set and monitor goals

+360-degree performance evaluations

Loss of Key personnel to competition Employee-related +Maintain excellent employee relations

+Keep abreast of industry trends in employee benefits to stay ahead of competition

Labor problems Employee-related +Open communication

+Frequently review wages, benefits and working conditions

Data-base breaches Security +Cyber Insurance Coverage
+Strong Passwords
+Encrypted and Hidden Wi-Fi

+Ensure Credit Card Payment technology meets legal standards

Product Injuries resulting in lawsuit Market Place +Use of focus groups for new product testing
+Invest in Research & Development
Changes in desires and wants of customers in the market place Market Place +Invest time in industry related professional development and market place awareness
Competitors introducing a lower cost item with same value Market Place +Keep abreast of market trends and current R&D (research & development)



After conducting research – fill in the two rows below:


Risk Category Contingency plan
? ? ?
? ? ?


Grading Criteria:

  Excellent (25 points) Fair (15) Needs Improvement (5)
Critical Thinking & Overall Contribution Submits factually correct, reflective and substantive contributions that address all aspects of the task Some information is correct.  Information lacks critical thinking.  Possibly some information missing Factually incorrect or missing information
Depth of Thought Demonstrates depth of thought; supports ideas with outside readings and resources May mention information from another source but lacks credit to other author Little or no connection to readings or resources
Writing Mechanics & Clarity Contributes clear, concise comments formatted in an easy to read style that are free of grammatical or spelling errors Lacks clarity, fragmented or misleading statements, may include some writing errors Lacks clarity and/or 4 or more writing errors
2 or more APA formatted resources Includes 2 or more APA formatted references (other than textbook) to literature and readings to support comments. Cites sources using correct APA style format Source is mentioned, but citations are either not included – or not correctly formatted in APA style. Possibility of plagiarism Does not include resources; possibility of plagiarism exists


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