FINAL EXAM    J430   FALL 2021

1.        An article in USA Today in 2015 cited a survey that indicated younger people, the millennial generation, were at the time less likely to support free speech with respect to minorities than their parents and grandparents. In 2019, the Knight Foundation, a research and support arm for the news industry, released on students in Gen Z, those born after 1996. The Knight Foundation study revealed different attitudes among young men and women, and Republicans and Democrats. In an essay of not more than 750 words, citing examples that have occurred this semester involving “political correctness” and other free speech issues, write an essay that examines this phenomenon.


 First, discuss this surveys themselves. Do you believe the conclusions are correct, and why or why not?


Second, and most importantly, support your point of view with examples on free speech issues that have arisen on other campuses or on demonstrations and protests connected with the current pandemic and on campuses .


Finally, discuss whether you think this trend will continue as more members of the Gen Z generation, those born after the mid 1990’s, come of age.


 Will the trend of social media companies censoring what can be posted on their platforms encourage greater restriction on free speech and political thought, and if so, what will be the impact?

Quote and cite your sources, bolstering your argument using information found on the World Wide Web (newspapers, magazines, etc.). You also can use information from other classes this semester, if available to you.


Here the link to the story in USA Today, and the press release by the Knight Foundation in 2019 about its study on attitudes of those born as part of GenZ:


You might have to copy and paste the link into your browser.




2.       The Copyright Act gives copyright holders the exclusive right to reproduce works for a limited time period.


 How does fair use limit that right? In other words, define fair use. Citing information from your text, how specifically does copyright then work with respect to fair use?


What is the four-part test for its use?


Finally, and this should be the major part of your answer, discuss TWO fair use cases that tested copyright law and where the courts came up with different conclusions about fair use’s applicability.


What were the outcomes of these decisions, and do you agree with the outcomes? You should also write this question in 750 words or fewer.


In both questions, make sure you cover all parts of the question, but don’t worry if your answers fall a bit short. I’ll be looking to see that you’ve covered the entire questions, not that you’ve typed nearly exactly 750 words.


Both of these essays should be typed into Microsoft Word and downloaded into Beachboard by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, May 10. If you miss the deadline, I will allow you to email the assignment to me, but you will be penalized by 25 percent per day, which means that if you turn it in on the 16th you can only earn a maximum of 75 percent of the 50 points, or 37.5 points.  Good luck!!  And thanks for being a wonderful online class.


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