Respond to the below discussion post to a classmate should be a minimum of 200 words in length. 

DQ1 UMBO 1, 2
DQ1 CLO 1, 5, 4

The topic should be included in the presentation directly so that the audience knows exactly what the presentation is about. To amplify the communication of this message, it needs to be stated directly. One informal technique to keep people involved is an analogy. It should be the prevailing practice for a project presentation. An analogy is an association to a parallel factual item. Analogies involve audiences and offer them a way to retain the presentation. The golden rule in any type of presentation, written or oral, is to repeat the main point three times.  People remember information when told three times. Tell the audience what is going to be said, say it, and tell the audience what was said. Many presentations cover extensive verbiage that necessitates reading while the presenter is speaking. The idea is unpretentious.  When developing presentation slides, keep bullet points under two lines of text.  All should be stated verbally or located in the following bullet. Diagrams and pictures are the essences of a good presentation. Make certain no more than approximately half of the presentation slides encompass only written words. Use Outline notes. Do not read from the script. Decide on one person in the audience and disseminate the presentation to them while making eye contact with others. Allow all your presentation apprehension to be overcome by the aspiration to make definite that the one person who desires to know the information is not disappointed. 

Formulate presentations should be formulated to tackle the attention of the target audience. Be sure to know who the audience is, what is the education and knowledge level of the information being presented and what is the point of the presentation.  Comprehension of the focus is best communicated throughout a well-defined and brief presentation that is provoking and leads to a discussion during the question-and-answer period when the audience becomes functional contributors. Make sure there is a consistent flow with a sharp beginning, middle, and end. A good presenter will enthrall the audience and expand the probability of receiving the message. When giving the presentation, focus on what you practiced. It is frequently suitable to recognize people at the beginning or at the point of their contribution so that influences are very clear (Bourne, 2007).





Bourne, P. E. (2007). Ten simple rules for making good oral presentations. PLoS Computational Biology3(4), e77.

ROSEKE, B. (2019, April 3). How to Give a Stunning Project Presentation. Project Engineer.



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