Research Project:

Each person in class will choose a research topic that relates to Human Biology. You may choose one of three assignments available. Each project will include regular progress checks which will be submitted to me through CANVAS.

All options require sources cited:

  1. Sources must be ones that you actually used and should include any diagram you used to help you
  2. Random Google images can be used, but you would need to trace it back to its origin, otherwise stick to diagrams in your text or a good website (ex: American Heart Association and a heat diagram), or a book from the library.
  3. All internet references must be publicly available, no journal websites where membership is required
  4. No final project will be accepted without sources
  5. Missing or inaccurate sources are a slippery slope towards plagiarism, see Canada’s policy on Academic Integrity below.

Option #2 Research Power Point Presentation . 

Prepare a power point presentation about a human biology topic that interests you. After obtaining approval of the subject of research, identify at least five creditable sources that provide you with the information you need to prepare the power point. The power point should include:

1. Title Page – (5/100 points)
2. Page listing the topics to be covered in the presentation (a table of contents) (5/100 points)
3. Introduction to the topic, tell us a little about it and why it is important – (15/100 points)
4. Summary of the history of the topic/or some background on it- (20/100 points)
5. Summary of the latest research that has been done on the topic (for example, if it is a disease how are we currently treating it, if it is a review of a body system, what common ailments affect people) – (20/100 points)
6. Conclusions about the topic – (15/100 points)
7. Discussion of what scientists should study next to gain more helpful information about the topic (for example new or futuristic treatments) – (15/100 points)
8. Site at least 3 sources (all diagrams that you include in your presentation should be cited in your sources)(5/100 points – Note: these references actually get graded separately, the 5 points here is just to make sure you include them for your Peer evaluations. If you are missing your bibliography I will not be able to grade your project at all so this part is really worth more then 5 points!)

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