For this assignment, you will identify an organization and assess its creativity, discovery, and innovation. This is an individual assignment structured to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of the materials studied in this course by applying what you have learned to a specific company or organization of interest to you.


       Identify an organization or business that is of interest to you. You should be intimately familiar with the management and operations practices of this organization. 

       You may change the name of the organization to keep your assessment private. but please indicate that you have changed the name in your work. 

       Describe the organization you select as the subject of your project and its defining characteristics. Explain why you chose the organization. If the organization is large you are free to focus on a division, department, practice or product initiative of the organization. 

       Conduct a Critical Analysis of how the organization and its approach to creativity, discovery and innovation. Identify and apply course concepts and principles explored throughout the term and respond to nine Critical Analysis Components of Organizations provided below. Be specific and clear in making linkages. 

Paper Organization: 

1.    Title Page 

2.    Brief Description of the subject organization 

3.    Explanation of why the organization was selected including information that offers defining characteristics of the organization and informs the status of the organizations innovation and creativity. 

4.    Critical Analysis Components of the Organization: 

1.    Internalandexternaldriversofinnovationintheorganization.

2.    Theroledesignthinkingplaysincreativeproblem-solvingintheorganization.

3.    Evaluationoftherolemanagersandleaderswithintheorganizationplayas change leaders. 

4.    Howideagenerationisusedtosolveproblems,enhancecorecompetencies, gather consumer insights, etc. 

5.    Mythsperpetuatedbytheorganization.

6.    Elementsofthecreativeprocesswithintheorganization.

7.    Barrierstocreativityandinnovationwithintheorganization.Assesshowthe barriers occur and are addressed. 

8.    Responsibleinnovationandethicalapproachesandissuestheorganization faces. 

9.    Theroleofleadershipincreating,managing,andsustaininginnovationinthe organization. 

10.Future creativity and innovation within the organization. 

5.    Recommendations and Lessons 

       Specific recommendations for improvement must be based upon the lessons learned as a result of your analysis. If there are no clear suggestions for improvement suggest how what this organization does can be transferred to another organization(s), department, or units. 

       Your assessment should provide at least six recommendations for improvement or transferrable lessons based on your analysis

F. Conclusion
G. Reference Page including at least six scholarly sources to support your work. 


       You may choose the format for your deliverable. Make use of your creativity in determining a format that you believe best permits you to cover and respond to all required elements of this assignment. 

       APA reference format, including an in-text citation for referenced works. 

       At least six (6) resources. 


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