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Separation of powers is the fundamental way our government balances power so that one part of the government does not overpower another. The idea is that each branch of government has its own roles and areas of authority. 
Some have suggested that having a closer working relationship between the branches of government would end "gridlock" and lead to a more efficient government. Others have argued that the separation of powers was specifically created to "slow down" the pace of government to ensure cool deliberation and not emotional reactions.
After watching the following video and completing the background reading, engage in a discussion which provides your informed opinion on the topic. Make sure to include citations to your questions/responses to help your classmates develop deeper undersanding of the topic.
Participation is a requirement for this course, and the Packback Questions platform will be used for online discussion about class topics covered during that lesson.  Packback Questions is an online community where you can be fearlessly curious and ask open-ended questions to build on top of what we are covering in class and relate topics to real-world applications. This assignment requires that you apply the reading material to create discussions with your peers that will evidence your ability to synthesize what you read and engage in a critical analysis of the topics.  See below for the topic guidance.  
Grading Criteria: 
Potential points: 50 pts
    • minimum posts completed (one initial, two peer posts)
    • Quality writing: No spelling/grammatical errors, font and format is professional, citations included within the body of the text, required reading/terminology used withing the post, your discussion remained on topic. 
    • Timely: Submission of posts were completed during first week the topic opened.  Students will have an opportunity to improve their grade if they post during the first week.  See Course Calendar for the date the discussion board closes.
Review the reading material and engage in a discussion on the topic of Separation of Powers
  • Read Chapters 1 and 2 (Miller)
  • You may find the Optional Reading Material/Videos helpful in formulating your discussion responses

Packback Question format

 You must create an original question that is in "open-ended format" and then respond to your own question in about two paragraphs.  You are required to cite your sources (Textbook chapters must be included in your citations).  After completing your initial post, you must then engage with your classmates by responding to their initial posts (a minimum of two peer posts).  These peer posts must either: 1. agree with your peer, explain why and add citations, OR 2. disagree with your peer, explain why and add citations.   Your peer posts can be to one other classmates (go back and forth) or you can select two different classmates to engage in a discussion.  Remember that you are having a discussion, so anticipate that your peer will reply to your post and you may go back and forth.  You are only required to post three (3) times (one initial + two peer posts), however, discussions are a great way to apply what you learned, so feel free to post as many times as you wish.
Topics of your questions for the Sources and Functions of Law lesson must cover at least one of these competencies:
  • Discuss how the U.S. Constitution works to establish state and federal government structure and powers. 
  • Analyze the powers enumerated in the commerce clause
  • Discuss the financial powers given to Congress in the U.S. Constitution, including the authority to collect taxes and spend money.
  • Discuss the conflicts of the different individual rights protected by the U.S. Constitutions including: due process, equal protection, speech and immunities clauses. 
  • Evaluate the difference between Federal and State constitutions, specifically Florida.

Tips for Success

Your participation on Packback will count toward 50% of your overall course grade.
There will be a Weekly Sunday at 11:59pm EST deadline for submissions. In order to receive your points per week, you should submit the following per each deadline period:

  • 1 open-ended Question per week worth 25 pts of each assignment grade
  • 2 Responses per week 12.5 pts of each assignment grade
  • You must stay on topic (see above the list of competencies to choose from for your discussion question)
  • You must cite your sources within the post using MLA format
  • The SOURCE is always the lesson we are covering (not the web sites of articles you cited in your post)
  • You will only earn points during the week the lesson is open – you cannot post early or late (Monday to Sunday)
  • Partial credit may be provided for questions and responses that do not meet the minimum curiosity score of 40. 
  • Professor recommends that you draft your discussion posts in Microsoft Word, check it with (or seek the assistance of the Writing Center) before submitting your work into Packback
  • Packback provides guidance using artificial intelligence (AI) to help you improve your work before you submit – it is adviseable to make the changes the AI recommends. 
  • Once another person responds to your post you will not be able to edit your post without the assistance of Packback Helpdesk (do not write the professor). Contact Packback directly for technical assistance using Packback:
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