Download Assignment 4 case: Calgary Drop-In Centre

Read the Guide to Case Analysis - it provides guidelines for preparing a well written case study.

For this assignment, you must submit:

  • a report of at least seven pages in length (excluding appendices) that follow the steps outlined in the guide to case analysis. Your report should be formatted using 12 pt Times New Roman with 1.5 line spacing.

Marking criteria:

The following criteria will be used to determine your grade on Assignment 4.


Description and Criteria



(spelling, grammar, organization, references, and report structure)

The report is grammatically correct and the vocabulary is rich. Attention is paid to the quality of the syntax. The report is proofread.

The report is well structured. There is cohesion and harmony between different sections. Headings are used to identify different parts. Ideas are well articulated. References are presented using APA format. Sources are relevant and in line with the case timeline.


Executive Summary

The summary focuses on recommendations and what the organization will achieve by implementing them.

The summary can stand on its own separate from the remainder of the report (like a mini report); it should be placed at the beginning of your document.


Problem Statement

The problem statement describes the organization and provides important contextual information that helps to adequately formulate the problem. The problem is stated clearly and effort has been made to avoid describing it in general terms. The analysis of the problem helps to find a viable solution.



The analysis identifies the key concerns(s), challenge(s), decision(s), or problem(s) facing the organization or individual. It can be based on urgency or importance. [Don’t forget that high urgency issues should be brought to organization’s attention first.]

Analysis of causes and consequences
Identifies the sources of the problem; describes the situation that will occur if the problem is not solved.

Objectives or goals setting
Defines objectives concisely, yet thoroughly. [Keep in mind that the objectives are the criteria used to evaluate the chosen option.]

Elaboration and evaluation of options or alternative solution(s)
Evaluates the pros and cons of the alternatives and selects the best fit.



Emphasizes the strengths and weaknesses of this recommendation and identifies any potential risks that may come with this recommendation.


Action Plan and Conclusion

Viable action plan implements the solution you have selected.


  TOTAL Grade:


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