Problem Statement


The problem is the lack of parental support and the partnership with teachers in early childhood education that can boost young children interests and motivation in learning and development (Medical Letters, 2020). Evidence has shown that young children can thrive academically when they are connected to families, schools and, the community (Petrovic, n.d). The importance of early childhood years has been an interesting topic to parents as to what education they gain from school and at home. Children’s achievements and behaviors at school have been attributed to their relationship with their parents and how they are involved in their education.

Research conducted by Park, Stone & Holloway (2017) attributes students’ educational achievement to the extent to which their parents were involved in their education. According to Genntian, et al., 2019), parents play a significant role in guiding their children’s education by allowing them to use educational games or activities at home, which benefits school readiness.


Purpose Statement


The purpose of this qualitative research is to enhance parents’ and teachers’ about the importance of school readiness in young children. Concerning parenting engagement, a study examined working coalition between parents, intervention attendance and home visitors, and parents’ usage of program resources (Nix, et al., 2018).   The Head Start home visiting program indicated that program materials had a strong impact on the progression in children’s literacy skills. Also, the parent’s involvement was a strong predictor of children’s cognitive skills growth.            

According to Gennetian, et al., (2019), there are several issues why parents ‘and teachers ‘communicates properly such as, values, beliefs, cultural and language barriers, which can impact parent engagement. Overall, the main purpose of this study would to close the gap between parents ‘and teachers’ retention in the early childhood setting to build a better outcome for the children school readiness and future.

Possible Research Question(s)


How can parent engagements impacts early childhood school readiness?

What would be the most effective ways parents and teachers can communicate in the school setting?             

How important is the parent engagement role in preschool?

How parent involvement may influence interventions for future school programs?

How can teachers’ change parents’ mindset about Early Childhood school readiness?







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engagement in a Head Start home visiting program predicts sustained growth in children’s school readiness. Early childhood research quarterly45, 106-114.

Park, S., Stone, S. I., & Holloway, S. D. (2017). School-based parental involvement as a predictor of achievement and school learning environment: An elementary school-level analysis. Children and Youth Services Review82, 195-206.

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