Career Development Plan
Create a realistic career development plan that includes additional education, training, personal development, or other actions to prepare for increasing responsibility and salary. This plan should be as detailed as possible, 3-4 typed pages with supporting materials added as appendices. 
 Gap Analysis
Begin by conducting a “gap analysis” that compares your current career situation – job title, level of responsibility, salary, the degree of authority you have, etc. with the career goals you want to pursue. Refer to the completed assignment “Targeted Job Search” for the qualifications and experience needed to be hired for this position.
 Observe Others
Use your observation skills to discover the personal qualities displayed by leaders and senior management that are effective in your workplace.
  • What communication skills seem to be most effective? 
  • What time-management skills seem to lead to career advancement? 
  • How do leaders and senior managers behave in meetings and other group settings?
  • What presentation skills seem most effective?
  • How are new ideas presented effectively?
  • How are conflicts resolved effectively? 
Describe how you might develop and strengthen these personal qualities.
Next, list the steps you might take to close the gap and become the best candidate for your next job. Do you need more education or training? (beyond earning the BPS)? What kind?  How would you acquire this education?
Be specific, and support your statements with information about existing training programs or courses added as an appendix.
Suggested Outline
  1. Briefly describe the desired career position.
  2. Briefly describe the key qualifications to perform well in this position.
    • Education – level and subject area (summarize from Continuing Ed assignment)
    • Demonstrated skills and experience
    • Personal qualities – communication, leadership, management
    • Other?
  3. Compare your current status with the qualifications you listed in #2.
  4. Describe a realistic plan to increase your qualifications, including educations and training, personal development, gaining specific experience, and community and volunteer engagement.
  5. Add any documents outlining specific training programs or courses, published job descriptions, organizational charts, recent performance evaluations, etc.

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