Write a minimum of a 6-page APA formatted paper in which youaddress the following:

        Coverthe entire medical case of a patient from their entrance to the hospital to thepresent time. 

        Includethe assessments, treatment decisions, and outcomes of those treatments.

        Includethe explanation, rationale, and outcomes of patient assessment, disease/traumapathology, ventilator strategy and management, respiratory therapeutics,patient education, pulmonary rehabilitation, and experimental therapies.

        Includethe long-term prognosis of the patient.

NOTE: These are not copies ofthe patient’s chart. This should be written in an explanatory essaystyle. 

Support your paper with a minimum of 7 peer-reviewed and/orscholarly resources, excluding the course textbooks.

Summarize your major findings in an organized, 1-page outline.

Include a cover page with the title of your report, your first andlast name, and the date it is submitted. 

List all references on a separate APA formatted reference page.References must include title, author, and page numbers. The outline, coverpage, and reference page are not counted as part of the 6-page requirement.

Please include a 1page outline

Thisis the patients information below

1.     Primarydiagnoses of Patient: Diabetes

2.     Describewhat the disease entitles: with diabetes your body either doesnt, make enoughinsulin or can not use it as well as it should. diabetes is a chronic (longlasting) health condition that effects how your body turns food into energy.

3.     Patienthistory of disease plus any other previous history that would pertain to thepresent diagnosis: Intracranial hemorrhage, deep venous thrombosis andpulmonary embolus lung mass, obstructive sleep apnea requiring continuous positiveairway pressure  

Hypertension,hyperlipidemia, diabetes mellitus type 2, atherosclerotic heart disease

4.     Physicalassessment of patient  

Age- 67; Sex-male; height185cm; weight- 144.7; HR-86, BP-126; RR 19; SpO2 94

Breath sounds -Cleardiminished

Breathing Pattern-Regular

Temperature -36.4

Sputum- small, thick,white

A/P Diameter -Normal


RBC/WBC 2.45/7.3


Sodium -142       

Potassium- 3.6

Chloride 109H

Calcium- 8.0L


Vent Mode- Pressure Support

Spontaneous Tidal Volume-9.17



Dynamic Compliance-8.4

M MAP- 8.4


Set Tidal volume 450

FiO2- 60


Measured MEAN- 9.7

RSBI -45.36


Albuterol- ipratropium-2.5 mg -0.5 mg/3ml

5.     Whatis the patient major respiratory symptoms; shortness of breath, chronic use ofhomeO2, bad cough

6.     Listand interpret the most recent ABG results and oxygenation status.

PH: 7.42; PaCO2: 42mmHg; HCO3: 27mEq/LPaO2:84 

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