******REPORTINSTRUCTIONS this is what is expected from you!!********


Precision Auto Clone has hiredyou as an operations management consultant to analyze the issues outlined inthe case and make the required forecasts and recommended the proper courses ofaction.  You will submit a consultantsreport to Warren presenting your findings. Do not include the computerprintouts in your report other than those explicitly specified in the ReportInstructions.  Instead, explain in words the meaning of the computer printouts(interpret the results).  Since Warrenhas not taken this class, you must explain what the results mean to his companyusing minimal technical jargon. Your report must be clear, grammaticallycorrect, typed (single-spaced) and be nomore than 8 pages in length. No title page please. Begin each section with a sentence thatwill capture Warrens attention and entice him to read the rest of thediscussion in that section.


Yourreport should be organized as follows:





I.           Introduction

Provide some introductory comments about the utilityof the decision support techniques employed in the case.  Summarize the purposes of the consultantsreport and thank Warren for the consulting engagement.


II.           Car Show AttendanceForecast

State your forecasted car show attendance and bound itwith a 95% confidence interval. Define and discuss Regression and CorrelationAnalysis so Warren has a conceptual understanding of it. Present the actual regressionequation and demonstrate how it can be used to derive the attendance forecastfor the Orlando and other future car shows.


III.         Tool Crib Staffing

State the optimal tool crib staffing and expected costper hour. Briefly explain Queuing Theory to Warren so he has a conceptualunderstanding of it.  Warren initial expectationwas that he only needs 2 servers because 2*15 (service rate) = 30 served perhour which exceeds the average arrival rate of 25. Why is his initialexpectation incorrect? Copy the Tool Crib Cost Analysis chart and paste it intoyour report. Discuss any pertinent information from the spread sheet concerningthe optimal result.


IV.         Production Schedule

State the optimal production schedule and the profitgenerated. Briefly describe Linear Programming to Warren so he has a conceptualunderstanding of it.  Are all the laborresources used up?  Overtime cost in theFabrication and Assembly work centers is 150% of regular labor cost.  What is the net economic benefit of overtimein each work center and what are the limits?


V.            Material Requirements Planning

State the timing and quantities of the recommendedwork order releases and purchase order releases to Warren. Describe and discussMRP.


VI.         Stainless Steel Inventory Lot Sizing

Describe the assumptions of the Economic OrderQuantity Model and explain why the quantity discount should or should not betaken. Copy the Inventory Lot Sizing Analysis chart and paste it into yourreport. State the optimal inventory strategy and the associated minimum annualinventory cost. 


VII.       Car Show Key Chain Purchase

State theoptimal plan to buy key chains from China along with the estimated averagetotal cost of this strategy.  Describethe Single Period Inventory with Uncertain Demand model to Warren.  Briefly explain Simulation to Warren so heconceptually understand it. Copy the Simulation chart and paste it into yourreport. Discuss how the plot illustrates the Law of Large Numbers.


VIII.      New Facility Project Management

Briefly describe Project Management so Warren has aconceptual understanding of it.  Explainthe project critical path concept and indicate the duration of the projectwithout expediting.  Identify the taskson the critical path and discuss their importance. Given the available budget,identify the tasks that should be expedited and indicate the final projectduration with expediting.


IX.         Summary

Provide some closing remarks concerning the power ofthe decision support tools utilized in your report.

again please do not change excel  numbers use it just to analyze and write I will updat mrp excel tab so you can do that at the end 


Grading Criteria for Written Case Study

1.      Describe and discuss the decision analytics toolsused. (Weight 30%)

2. Technical analysis andaccuracy of the resluts.  (Weight 30%)

3.Clarity and user friendliness of the explanation of the technical results. (Weight40%)

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