Ethics Discussion

You are working on wealth planning techniques with an elderly client whose health is beginning to deteriorate.  The client will soon be entering a nursing home and knows they will eventually run out of money and qualify for Medicaid coverage.  To qualify for Medicaid sooner, the individual would like to artificially impoverish themselves by giving […]

Cause and effect on domestic violence

This week you will begin working on a cause and effect essay that will be completed in Week 6. Please see the Week 5 Cause and Effect Essay Assignment, as well as the Week 5 Lesson, for a list of possible topics and all of the assignment requirements. After selecting a topic, develop a rough […]

Global pollution script

I need a script and slides for a presentation that I’m going to be making. The presentation is only 5-7 minuets long, so the script should not have more that 7 minuets worth of content. In the files you can find a screenshot of the exact instructions, the rubric, as well as the paper that […]

Bill/Law Analysis Paper

it is a Bill/Law analysis paper that has to come from the Govtrack site and nowehre else. There needs to be 3 resources outside of that website and there are examples on where to look. (use those example websites). Honestly please do not use super fancy words, I am not typcailly good at high vocabulary […]

Memory map essay and brochure

Part 1: Essay In your essay, provide a comprehensive explanation of the following: The use of memory maps in the workplace, cite specific data to support work using text and significant outside research with in-text citations Explain mental representation of knowledge   Explain mental manipulation of images Provide a concrete example of applying this concept […]

JUS-320 Discussion Questions

Answer both questions wih 4-5 sentences. Include a reference for each. #1-You are a police chief and one of your officers just caught a serial rapist that has been terrorizing the community. The suspect’s DNA matches biological evidence already collected. There is great relief in the city. You ask the officer (whom you know very […]

Leadership Ethics and Team Leadership

If you were a supervisor in a large corporation and you have just selected eight of your employees to sit on a team to propose a new procedure for the production line, what steps would you, as team leader, take to help increase the team’s effectiveness.  What Students Are Saying About Us ………. Customer ID: […]

week 7 discussion

Week 7 Discussion Board Use the discussion board to argue in favor or against carbon offsets as a method to reduce greenhouse effects.  Discuss this topic with the aid of periodical publications, scientific research publications, or other library material. If you have experience directly with either carbon offsets or cap and trade, offer your experience […]

Reflection Journal 2

As you complete this course, please reflect back on your original definition of health and homeostasis and answer the following questions in at least four paragraphs: What is the relationship between health, human rights, and global inequities? What role do nurses play in promoting health and addressing inequities? Also, what role do you as a […]

Overview of Cognitive Psychology

Please create an 18-slide Power Point presentation addressing an overview of cognitive psychology using the situation described in the next paragraph.  There should be 16 slides of text, plus a title slide and a reference slide.  Each slide should contain 5-6 bullet points of content (complete sentences are not necessary, but the bullet points should […]