I need you to help me for a test; the test lasts for 60 minutes. I will send you the two open ended questionand you will send me the answers in between 30-45 minutes before the end of test I have sent you a screenshot of the chapters we covered in the course so far […]

Excel Assignments

Hi I have 8 excel assignments that need to be completed. I will be able to either upload all required materials or provide you my log in for easier access as it is a lot of documents(instructions then file to complete for each one). A minimum of 80% is all that is needed to earn […]

Software Applications Final

Subject : Software Applications  Every intruction in the word document is everything that needs to be in the presentation very precisely. You can literally pick anything you want top do the presentation on. For example morals and principle theories. Just anything is ok it more important to follow the instructions more precisely and get that […]

Current events

Staying engaged in current events is critical in the business world. It is not only beneficial for employee’sv career development and education, but it can make employees more valuable to their organizations. The goal of Current Events Assignments is to encourage students to stay current with business trends relevant to key concepts in this course. […]

psy extra credit sexual assault

This is the fifth and final extra credit… Please watch and read the following links and provide me with your reaction:  Please read this… Please take supporting material from our textbook (use citations and a reference)… Again, because this is a reaction, there will be different ways to respond. Please incorporate APA as always…1. Title […]

part 2

After you have created your PowerPoint Presentation for the "Women in History" presentation, you must upload the actual PowerPoint presentation here.  This is not the recorded presentation, but the PowerPoint, which you used to record it. This is not where the Peer Review happens either. I am only accepting files with the following extensions: ppt, pptx, […]

psy chap 15

 to learn how to type them correctly. Lastly, please remember: You need to create an initial post explaining all the above questions and You also need to reply to at least two classmate. Lastly, you have to reply to a classmate’s reply on your initial post. Lastly, to get an A, you must provide:A. Your […]

extra credit gender psy

Please watch all the videos and tell me how you feel. This is a reaction paper for the extra credit. This extra credit is due 1 point. Please provide me with:1. At least one full page: ending on the top of the second page.2. Include a title page.3. Practice your APA Running head. I want you […]

Tips for a PowerPoint Presentation

4.1 Discussion Forum Tips for a PowerPoint Presentation Instructions After watching the video below, answer the following question: Griffith University. (2014, October 15). How slides can be bad for your presentation [Video file]. YouTubeAvailable at (Links to an external site.) What are three (3) things you can do to make a PowerPoint presentation more interesting? What Students […]


What is quackery and what are 3 of the identifying characteristics of nutritional quackery? -  2. What are Phytonutrients (Phytochemicals)?   a. Why are they good for you? b. Name 3 different phytonutrients and describe what health benefit they have and what foods they are found in 3. Describe the digestion process in stages, including all […]