Discussion # 2: Risk Comm and Behavioral Change Comm

Provide a link to an example of risk communication OR Behavior change communication (video, audio or text).  Base your selection on the discussions from class and  justify your choice. Write a post that explains: (a) Any context or background information needed to understand it (b) Why it qualifies as an example of risk or behavior change […]

Multiple choice exam 150 questions Psychology

Psychology-APPLIED THEORIES OF WORK MOTIVATION  Please i need help with multiple choice test of 150 questions on december 14th before 6pm.  Am able to   grant remote access or send pictures of questions bit by bit which ever the tutor prefers works best.        Thank you   What Students Are Saying About Us ………. Customer […]

Chemistry safety

This is the brief  description: Please use the two links to help answer these questions. Remember to refer back to the safety textbook. Each question should be with more than 5 sentences and detailed answers.    On September 15, 2014, a high school chemistry teacher in Colorado intended to demonstrate the characteristic emission spectra of […]

In The Crucible, playwright Arthur Miller effectively conveys that revenge can hurt innocent people.

Yousef  Ms.  jacobs  The crucible  English 111- Block 4  3 december 2021 the crucible  In The Crucible, playwright Arthur Miller effectively conveys that revenge can hurt innocent people. Arthur Miller displays the danger of revenge, depicting the real consequences based on false accusations. Arthur Miller showed this through the conflict between Giles and Putnam, […]

final exam

This is your feedback, reflection and relatability of what you learned through the course chapter reading, assignments, exercises, and videos as it addresses the Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLO) found in syllabus:   Explain organizational theory as it relates to management practices, employee relations, and structure of organization to fit its environment and operation Analyze leadership styles […]

persuasive essay

can you answer these two question in regard to Economics:   1) What are banks panics? How can central bank help stop a bank panic?   2) Did we have a banks run in the most recent financial crisis?  explain well there is a follow up questions as well  try to turn it in before 10 pm […]

Reflection PapeR

Reflection Paper (20%):Students will critically analyze their recorded interview and interview transcript, to identify their strengths and skills as well as the areas that require growth and development. Students will reflect on and answer the provided five (5) questions offering constructive feedback that is representative of strengths based practice.Please review the attached documents for a […]

Structural Materials and Structural Design

Still need a rewriting about the doucument, add 5 more pagesadd more detailed information on the original basis. Things to think of for the report: – A little bit more detail about fck (what does it stand for? what is it? why it important?) – More discussion of the materials. Each material had about one […]

select, Insert, Delete, and Update Data From Tables using SQL

Complete the following steps: Complete reading and viewing all the learning resources specified for this module. Using either the DB Browser or the DBeaver GUI you downloaded, run the queries provided by your instructor against the SQLite3 university database to see the results, and copy the QUERY and the OUTPUT to a text or WORD […]