8 pages (2200 words) Double spaced

Type of paper:
Research paper High school


See paper instructions

Sources to be cited:

Paper format:
Chicago / Turabian

Paper instructions:

Chosen Dances:
Chinese Jinju (Peking Opera)
Russian Ballet

Speak about abusive methods used by teachers to dancers during training, and how these methods effect the mental and physical health (eating disorders, gender identity, etc.) of dancers later on.


Please select one dance form or tradition covered in lecture. For example, you may select to further research the Balinese Baris Gede, Kathakali dance drama, Dogon Dama, Madame Mao’s Yangbanxi, or Spanish Flamenco, to name a few. Next, juxtapose this dance to a different dance or performative practice which is NOT covered in lecture. Please structure your research by distinguishing the following:

origins: historical, political, and socio-economic underpinnings;
practice: technique, training, and staging;
participants and audiences.
The chosen dance for comparison can be a social or concert dance form. The research presented should delve comprehensively into its resident culture(s) while addressing the three elements listed above. Some questions that can serve as helpful points of entry: How is this dance an ideological reflection of a culture? A faith? A nation? How is it a reflection of its community? Its practitioners? Or audience? How does this dance echo a particular social or political climate? Is this dance a vehicle for power? For whom? For change? How has this dance changed over time? Who does it benefit? Why?


Papers must be a minimum of 8 pages (not including the title or works cited pages)
Papers must be proof-read
Papers must be formatted with 1-inch margins, double-spaced with 12-pt Times New Roman font
All research sources must be referenced in Chicago Manual of Style with footnotes
For full credit, you must include a minimum of five scholarly text sources and one film/performance source


In formal academic writing, please avoid vernacular [unless it is essential], abbreviations, and contractions
Please do not use any symbols in your writing
Failure to meet format guidelines will result in a 5% point reduction in assignment grade

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