Topic: Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story

My childhood was not like any other childhood, I wasn’t fortunate with the best clothes, good food, or even a good house, and my mom or dad was not as present in my life, my dad passed away before I could age up enough to remember what his presence felt like, or how he sounds. I was raised in Africa in an African household by my grandma or aunts and uncles, education was the most important thing next to prayers. Growing up in a third-world country is very difficult; not every child is fortunate enough to come to America, I guess all the prayers my family prayed for have been answered….so far.
Growing up in Nigeria, I always came top 3 among my peers in class; I was acing my test, exams, and homework: no one could really help me do my homework, I either figure it out or go to my friends’ house to assist me. Math wasn’t their best subject, the only person that could really help me with my math homework was my mom but at that time she was in America. All I could depend on were my teachers, but I always had a knack for math, like I was blessed to be smart, I was a very fast learner and coincidentally enough, I was also compared to my mom like a carbon copy. With this talent, my family always set my education to be my first priority, they want me to get a good job and make a lot of money to support my family. I thought my childhood was hard at that time but I have yet to face some tough challenges.
Fast forward some years later, I finally get to come to America and finally meet my mom, at first everything was going well but after getting to know my step-dad, I dislike him, not because he was my step-dad but because he showed his true colors, he made me experience the saying “A wolf in a sheep’s clothing”. I might be over-exaggerating. He wasn’t also kind or social at all, he barely let the rest of the family step outside and we barely spent time as a family, only me, my step-brother, and my mom. Somedays my mom and he would get into an argument, in his eyes, he’s in the right but I think realistically and logically he’s in the wrong, there might be some bias to my conception but I believe he’s ultimately in the wrong. This made me wish to come back to Nigeria, he made me hate it here. Even with this conflict going on, I still had to focus on my education, but this time I was motivated by the way my mom was suffering, to me at least she was. I’m just grateful to him because, without him, I got to come here.
Realizing that I had to put my priority of education number one, I had good grades every grade, well relatively good GPA. Some years I had some bad grades that’s because other factors were influencing my focus like trying to keep up with the trend or making bad choices. With bad choices come bad consequences, I was scolded by my mom, I almost forgot where I grew up from, I’m supposed to be disciplined. When I came here I had an interest in computers, this later influenced my dream job for the future: to be a Computer engineer. Eventually focusing on my education and studying all the time started stressing me out, but my mom was beside me to keep me on track.
The journey from my childhood to now is astonishing to me, not everyone from where I come can travel to America or be smart. I am motivated to make my family proud and help them when I reach success, so they can live a better life. You could say I’m a prodigy that my family put all their time and effort into and I can’t make those time and effort worthless and disappoint my family. I thank God that I’m where I am today

thats my life experience,can you use that as a guide

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