The topic of this paper is “Ethical journalism is required for perservation of privacy.” We are to refer to the authors article that is attached. (Gauthier)

This is not a traditional paper and my professor wants it in this outlined format. I have written the format of the paper where numbers 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13 and 14 are already done.

Below are my professors instructions to better understand the paper:

In this paper, you will articulate, defend, and evaluate a claim.

Instructions: write a six-part part (but responding to nineteen questions) paper.  In Part One, you introduce the topic What is the topic that is relevant for thinking about the human being. Part Two consists of you articulating a claim relevant to the topic (from the list above, readings, exam, or review questions), that you want to spend time thinking about in this assignment. In part three, you  defend that claim, or offer reasons why it makes sense.  In part Four, you offer a criticism of the claim from Part Two you offer reasons why the claim is not likely to be true.  In Part Five, you evaluate your claim in light of the criticism you state, after the consideration of the criticism, the reasons why the claim is or is not likely to be true.  In Part Six, you reflect on what you have done: a conclusion about what you have learned and what you think about the topic in light of your consideration of the claim and its criticism.  

Do not just sit down and write from your head without cracking your book, notes, quizzes, review questions open. I would set apart some time during at least three days to write the paper.

IMPORTANT: There must be twenty one labeled parts in your paper.  Do not hand in a text that is not divided into sections. You will receive four points for the successful completion of each section.  

START BY WRITING PARTS II, III, IV, AND V FIRST AND THEN DO THE INTRODUCTION AND THE CONCLUSION. But the parts should be in their natural order (I-VI) in the final version that you submit.  And you should consider revising your paper after you have written the introduction you may think of something in the introduction that you have not taught of while writing the other parts and revise your paper accordingly (especially, perhaps, the conclusion).

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