Assignment: Work on your Final Project research paper

You submitted your topic of your Final Project research paper in Unit 1. Now you will continue to search for credible sources that you can use for your Final Project research paper.

In this assignment, you will be assessed based on the following Course Outcome:

BU486-2: Evaluate sources for credibility and relevance to the selected topic.

Read through all the parts of this assignment first. You will submit one Microsoft Word® document in APA format for all three parts.

Part 1: Identify and review your initial set of sources of information for your research topic. Now add any other resources that are considered credible by APA (see Part 2 below-10 citations/references). Begin thinking about why those resources are valuable to your study, and make notes as to their relevance to your research project.

You will also note any relevant quotes you might want to use from these sources and the URL, author, title, pages, paragraph number for quote, volume number, etc. for creating your citations and reference list later. Remember you can use the citation machine site to help you.

Sources of information include, but are not limited to:

  • Seminal books and articles
  • Case studies
  • Contemporary books and journals (publication dates of five years ago or less)
  • Internet sites (official sites only, i.e., government/academic websites, newspapers, online educational/research journals, etc.)
  • Published and unpublished interviews

Use the Academic Writer located in the Academic Tools area for help with APA style.

Write your reasons or justifications for using the sources you specify based on their credibility and relevance to your topic.

Part 2: Using the same document used above for Part 1, add the following for Part 2:

  1. Provide the 10 in-text citations or paraphrases in your own words from credible sources
  2. Then, provide the references (for a total of 10 to match your citations) from:
    1. Three online business websites
    2. Four business journal articles (look in Library)
    3. Three other sources – your choice (Not Wikipedia™)

Part 3: Using the same document for Part 1 and Part 2, create an annotated bibliography for Part 3:

Your final research paper requires a references page that conforms to APA (American Psychological Association) 6th edition format requirements. This annotated bibliography will help you decide which resources to use.

This annotated bibliography should summarize your research sources and their relevance, currency, and usefulness to the research project. It requires you to critically read and analyze the sources you have found. Each annotation begins with the bibliographic information, or source reference, followed by a paragraph or two that discusses the source in relation to your project.

To learn more about annotated bibliographies, go to Purdue Global (PG) Writing Center Links and get additional writing help and APA formatting and citation assistance.

You will be graded on the quality and relevance of your sources as well as on the accuracy of the annotated bibliography format.


Part 1: Identify your credible resources

Justify your resources relevancy to your topic

Part 2: Cite 10 in-text citations or paraphrases from credible sources in APA format using:

  • Three online business websites
  • Four business journal articles (look in the Library)
  • Three other sources – your choice (Not Wikipedia™)

Part 3: Write an annotated bibliography

  • Summarize the currency, relevancy, and usefulness to your research project
  • Bibliographic, source reference, and 1–2 paragraphs on relevance to topic

Be aware that the quality and relevance of your sources will be considered as part of your grade.

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