Assessment of Personal LeadershipAssess your orientation toward power, including your tendencies relative to the fivesources of power. (Refer to your bases of power inventory completed during Class Two).

 Assess your leader motives. 
Assess your typical (or default) influence tactics. 
Given your orientation toward power, your leader motives, and your typical influencetactics, discuss three specific ways Jesus would approach your leadership responsibilitiesdifferently than you approach them. 
Assess your creativity and how creativity affects your leadership. 
Assess your personality, including where you fall on the “Big Five” personality dimensions. 
Assess your personality type as defined by the Myers-Briggs instrument, and examine theleadership implications of what you have learned. If you have not previously taken aMyers-Briggs inventory, one is available online (the Jung Typology Test) at no cost.(Note: this link tends to change from time to time, sometimes in disturbing ways. If thelink does not work, you can navigate to and find your way to it. Thereare some versions that must be paid for; the one you are looking for is free.)Assess your key values and their implications. 
Assess your top strengths as determined by the Strengths Finder assessment.Leadership ApplicationDiscuss a time when you lost trust in a leader, and describe the impact that experiencehad on your relationship.What is most likely to occur when leaders try to drive change at the organizational levelwithout first addressing the issue of their own credibility at the personal, one-on-one, andteam leadership levels?According to the Lead like Jesus book, the core of leading like Jesus is love. In which ofyour relationships do you find it is a challenge to lead and love like Jesus?Describe a time when emotions overpowered reason and you acted according to your fearsrather than your good intentions. What was the result? What should you have donedifferently?For each of the five being habits presented in the Lead like Jesus book, discuss thesteps you need to take to make positive progress.Think about how well you serve those around you. What do you do to help those you leadlive according to the organizations vision?Describe a time when you were learning something new and needed someone to push youbeyond a failure or an easy early success so that you could get to a higher level ofperformance. Describe a time when you quit because nobody was around to help you stepup to the next level. What are you doing as a leader to determine who among those youlead needs to be helped or pushed? What signs of being ready to quit do you watch for?When your current season of influence ends, what do you want your legacy to be (e.g.,improved service to your customers, enhanced development of the talents and gifts of thepeople under your influence, made a significant impact on the world around you)? Why?What two specific action steps can you take in the next 30 days to move you closer to yourgoal?Discuss a change you were called to be involved in as a leader or a follower that wasdifficult for you. Reflect on the seven reasons why leading even positive change is hard(see Blanchard et al., pp. 252-257). What could you have done differently as a leader orfollower to make that change easier and/or more successful?Rath and Conchie (2008) set forth four basic needs of followers: trust, compassion,stability, and hope. Discuss how your top five strengths can be used to help meet theseneeds for the followers in your organizational unit.Identify, describe, and discuss the changes that would have to be made for “covenantalmanagement” to be implemented in your company

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