Opinion leaders are "trusted” and informed people who exist in virtually all primary groups. Because they are "models" of opinion, they can be major influencers on a marketing effort through word-of-mouth communication (WOM) to circles of relatives, friends, and acquaintances among traditional as well as social media circles (E-WOM).
Opinion leaders are the fastest to receive the word-of-mouth information from mass media, and who interpret the information with or without their own subject ideas and spread the information to others. Their opinions are representative and that they have an important influence on the surrounding friends and relatives. Opinion leaders are individuals who take
 central places in a community and whose verbal and physical characteristics has had a huge impact on others. Hence, marketers are interested to utilizing the opinion leaders as an important approach to affect the potential consumers, how to identify them has become one of the hottest topics in the related fields of consumer behavior
Recently, the Malaysian government and the Ministry of Health (MOH) have allowed that gyms and fitness center can re-opened with strict SOP and MOH guidelines. Some members of the fitness center may be looking forward to it, whilst others may feel it is too risky to go to the gym. Suppose you are the marketing executive of a fitness center, and you have been instructed by the management to give a company presentation covering the following areas:
a) Evaluate ANY FIVE (5) important behavioral profile of opinion leaders for a fitness center.
(5 Points x 10 marks 50 marks)
(Word count: 1000 words)
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 b) Explain FIVE (5) psychological factors influencing the consumer behavior of gym/fitness center members.
I. Motivation
II. Lifestyle
III. Attitude
IV. Perception
V. Learning
* The detailed marking criteria’s for the allocation of 100 marks is provided in Appendix 1
2000 words . 
 A Microsoft Office Word Document or other relevant applications as permitted by module lecturer/ typed using computer. Usage of typewriter or hand – written is STRICTLY not allowed.
 12 font size, Time New Roman font and bold title and sub titles
 A4 sized paper
 Fully justified alignment
 11⁄2 line spacing
 Margins of 1” at top and bottom; left and right

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