Creating an Argument: The Electoral College
This week we learned about the presidency, the powers of the presidency, andthe unique way our president is elected via the Electoral College. In thisassignment you will be guided in creating a complete argument regardingwhether or not you think the Electoral College should be kept or eliminated.
This activity will be useful practice in how to create and present andthoughtful argument. The ability to create and communicate a thoughtfulargument will help you out in future studies and in any career.
Your essay must be at least 500 words long.
Follow these steps to create an argument in the form of an essay:
Step 1: In one or two very clear sentences state whether or not you thinkthe Electoral College should be kept or eliminated. This is called writing athesis statement.
Step 2: In three paragraphs describing three (3) arguments that support yourposition regarding the Electoral College. Give each argument one paragraph.Do not just list three arguments in support of your position regarding theElectoral College. You must tell the reader why each of your three argumentssupports your position on the Electoral College.
Step 3: In three paragraphs describe three (3) arguments that go againstyour position regarding the Electoral College. This is called addressingcounterarguments. Give each counterargument one paragraph. Describe thecounterargument and then tell the reader of your essay why thatcounterargument should be dismissed.
Step 4: Write one paragraph concluding your essay. Restate your initialposition on the Electoral College. And review the one or two arguments thatyou found to be the most compelling in support of your position.
Step 5: Write a reference list. In any good argument you will present yourideas but then include evidence from credible external sources to supportyour ideas. Always include a reference list.
In outline form your paper should look like this.1.Introduction: Thesis statement of your position regarding the ElectoralCollege.2.Three arguments supporting your position. 1.Describe argument 1 and why itsupports your position.2.Describe argument 2 and why it supports your position.3.Describe argument 3 and why it supports your position.
3.Three counter arguments opposing your position. 1.Describe counterargument 1 and why it is not sufficient.2.Describe counter argument 2 and why it is not sufficient.3.Describe counter argument 3 and why it is not sufficient.
4.Conclusion paragraph.
For our quest to use APA for our papers:
Week 1: Double-space your paper and use 12 point Times New Roman as yourfont.
Week 2: Create a simple title page with the title of your paper, the class,your name, and the date in the center, double-spaced.
Week 3 (this week): You will need to add what is called a “running head”(“head” is short for “header”). This is a little bit tricky because therunning head on the title page is different from the rest of the pages. Hereis what you do:
1. Click Insert on the menu bar
2. Click Insert Header/Footer. You want a header with the writing on theleft.
3. The running head is actually the same as the title of your paper unlessyou have a long title, in which case, you abbreviate it. Let’s imagine yourtitle is: The story of the longshoreman and his dog. On the title pagealone, you would insert as a header:Running head: LONGSHOREMAN
Notice I abbreviated the title.
4. This is the trick part. Under Insert Header you should see “Differentfirst page” or words to that effect. Check that because you also need toinsert a header on page 2 (that will be the same for the rest of the paper)that would leave out the words “Running head” so that all we would see isLONGSHOREMAN on the top left of the rest of the pages of the essay.
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