Topic: You can select the topic of your final paper.  The topic can be any issue or area that you wish to research in more depth. 

Due Date: Tuesday, December 14th. Please turn in through Canvas. If there are any issues with this, or you want to be extra sure youve turned it in, you can also e-mail it to me at . This is in addition to turning it in through Canvas, though.

This Final Paper should reflect the content of the course and reference topics relevant to Law & Society.  The paper should be 9-13 pages in length, double-spaced and cite the sources of your information.  I encourage you to discuss your selected topic with me prior to beginning work on the paper. We can do so over e-mail or we can set up a meeting to discuss your topic. NOTE: YOUR BIBLIOGRAPHY COUNTS AS ONE PAGE.

Format: It is important that your work is clearly presented and easy to read. This will enable me to return your work more quickly. Equally, your efforts should be focused on the content, not the layout, so you must present your work as follows: Please use double spacing, size 12 Arial or Helvetica font, or something similar, and no more than one-inch margins. You must use citations and cite all ideas that are not your own throughout the paper. You do not need to follow any specific citation type, but students often like to use the APA Publication Manual (6th edition), since it is one of the standard referencing systems for this type of discipline. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your attention to detail. Also, please be sure to use proper grammar and punctuation. Do not hesitate to use the school’s resources to help you with research or writing the paper.

Grading: This assignment is worth thirty percent (30%) of your grade. You will be graded on your spelling, punctuation, and grammar, as well as on proper citations and your ability to apply your understanding of the law to specific situations you discuss. A grading rubric will be used; the main areas you will be graded on are: Introduction/Thesis, Quality of Information/Evidence, Support of Thesis/Analysis, Organization/Development of Thesis, Conclusion, Style/Voice, and Grammar/Usage/Mechanics. 

Please USE 

  • Listen: Hidden Brain, The Mind of the Village as a source. THank you
  • Please use Critical Race Theory as a reference more than once. 

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