Current Events Project: Research any social, governmental, or political event that has occurred within 2022. You may find an event that has happened within any of these governments- federal, local or state. You may even choose an event that has occurred within other countries. However, you may not complete a current event on the following topics:
  • Abortion
  • Anything related to COVID-19
  • NRA or anything related to guns
  • Marijuana
  • LGBTQ+
  • Immigration
  • DACA
  • Black Lives Matter/Back The Blue
While these are all great subjects to discuss, you should think beyond these subjects and uncover a new topic.

  1.  Using Microsoft Word, provide a summary of what is going on in your article (do not rewrite the article, just provide highlights of the main idea in the article. Do not use Google Drive, Box, Microsoft Edge to complete this assignment. I will only accept Word documents.
  2. Complete this assignment in a double-spaced format.
    1. Use reputable news sources such as mainstream news platforms like CNN, ABC, MSNBC, Texas Tribune etc.
    2. Do not use Wikipedia or any social media platforms.
  3. Connect something we have learned in class, lecture or that you have read in your text with the article.
  4. Detail your thoughts feelings and concerns with the source.
  5. You do not need annotate or have a word count. Simply, answer all the questions asked with full and complete sentences.
  6. Copy and paste your article link at the end of your article. Failure to copy and paste the article link is an automatic zero on the assignment.
  7. Current Event Format:
  8. Summary:
  9. Here, do not re-write the article, just provide a summary of what is going on in your article.
    Class Connection:
    Here, connect anything from lectures, text book readings, and assignments to the article.
    State your position about this article. Detail your thoughts or feelings etc.
     Article Source:
    Copy and paste the link to your article here. Do not forget to copy and paste the link to your article. Failure to copy and paste the article link here is an automatic zero on the assignment.

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