My topic is “Starbucks client Profile”. It belongs to Customer Satisfaction – Just make sure your research will actually focus on the satisfaction of the Starbucks customers in relation to the Starbucks competitors rather than trying to create a customer profile. This means you will need to find people who have been a customer at Starbucks and then evaluate what they liked / disliked about it and what they could do to improve the satisfaction levels if necessary. direct competitor(s). – The structure: Introduction – Synopsis of the Situation / Client brief A. Briefly describe the client/company and context of your research issue. B. Provide some background: history, category and market description including market performance and competitors. C. Target Market D. Timing constraints (trimester end) and budget ($15,000) Content A. State the Management decision problem: a goal statement specifying the managerial action required. B. State the purpose of the research / statement of the research problem: the information needed to help management solve the problem C. The research objectives: a short list of the specific information needed to solve the problem D. Recommend a research approach (exploratory, descriptive, causal) & rationale (why is this approach the best option in this situation?) E. Recommended research methodology (eg. Focus groups, on line surveys, F2F surveys, etc) & rationale F. A timetable / schedule in grid format G. Client deliverables (electronic copies, audio/ video, paper copies, etc) In the appendix include: • A copy of the peer questionnaire and your evaluation of the questionnaire. The evaluation should assess and provide feedback on the following: relevance of information asked for, question format in relation to survey methodology, the wording, content and order (funnel approach) of the questions, the inclusion of an opening / closing statement. (approx. 500 words.) • The original and revision of your questionnaire based on the peer evaluation / feedback. (Questionnaire must be 15-20 questions max., include a minimum of 5 theme questions with 5 measurement scales.) – Could you help me make sure follow the “Grading Criteria / Rubric” to can get the high point
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