Final Project: Country Attractiveness Analysis The final project has been designed to enhance your analytical and critical thinking, communication, decision-making and cooperative learning skills. Each team will choose a country (other than the United States) to study.

The purpose of the project is to conduct research and collect information about the culture of that country and conduct a general country attractiveness analysis accordingly. The final report includes the following sections:

1. Introduction: This is a short paragraph that includes some general information about the country including its population, geographical region and so on.

2. Culture: Use Hofstede framework to analyze the national culture of the country. Through the following link you can see how the country has scored in every cultural dimension of Hofstede’s framework: After accessing that information, report it in this section and describe how such Hofstede’s values may impact business practices in your selected country. For instance, if the country scores high on uncertainty avoidance, how does that impact business practices in that country? Do the same analysis for the major four cultural dimensions: Individualism/Collectivism; Power Distance; Uncertainty Avoidance; Masculinity/Femininity.

3.  Country attractiveness summary: In this section, using the information that you collect for and report in the above sections, explain the major cultural benefits and opportunities, costs, and risks associated with foreign investment in your country. In other words, explain how you would advise a foreign investor planning to invest in the country that you selected with regard to those factors (benefits/opportunities, costs, and risks). Please note that this section is at the core of the project (and hence has a higher point value than the other sections). Make sure to do an objective, comprehensive, and clear analysis for this section and document it accordingly. In most cases, it is very difficult (or impossible) to reach single conclusion as to whether the country is attractive for FDI or not. Instead, as mentioned before, you can summarize and explain the benefits/opportunities, costs, and risks from a cultural perspectives in this section and hence in a sense list the pros and cons.

4. Conclusion:

Note: while the expectation is to use as many facts, figures, and indices as possible to conduct an objective analysis in each section of the report, it is crucial that each section includes a narrative in that makes sense of those numbers and coherently explains each system within the country. Also, make sure to separate each section of the report with appropriate headings (i.e., introduction, cultural system, country attractiveness and Conclusion).

  • At least 3 references.
  • MLA format
  • 4 FULL pages, excluding reference page


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