is essay is about the In A Rhythm performance by choreographer Bebe Miller.  (Links to an external site.)

Write a richly descriptive essay of 250 – 350 words about the performance. Deeply share your perception of the work. Allow your description to express your understanding of what you perceive. Refer to Deborah Jowitt’s essay “Beyond Description” for ideas on how to write, our work describing all semester, and our class session “Writing for Dance.”

This essay differs from Essay 1 in that you must thread a theme throughout your essay. You must not only write observations about the piece, but also offer particular insights about it. There is so much to describe in a 70 minute dance. Make clear choices that demonstrate what matters. 

Write in the present tense. Dancing is an art form of the present. Note this example of present tenses, “The dancers’ hair is wrapped up in a headpiece that recreates the swirl on top of a soft serve ice cream cone. They toss a fist full of snow into the air before boureing to a frontal position. For the first time, the audience can see the rippled abdominal muscles, bulging thighs, and brilliant arches of the feet. With a final low extension of the leg the dancers exit the space.”

Your paper must have a title that is interesting and related. It can not be the same title as the show.

Basic foundations:

  • Only complete sentences
  • Only standard academic English
  • Perfect spelling
  • You must have paragraphs. These are indicated by a single tab indentation

Write in the present tense

  • Essay must include the full name of the choreographer and title of the work.
  • I expect your writing to be:
  • Richly descriptive
  • Engaging, nuanced, and original
  • Absent clichs
  • Without passive voice
  • Without word repetition
  • Without equivocation. Do not use terms like, “seems to be,” “might be,” “appears to, etc.
  • Generous with your reader
  • Creative

Writing Style

  • Eliminate word repetition in order to diversify your images.
  • Do not use contractions, ex. don’t
  • “A lot” is too informal for this type of essay
  • Do not use abbreviations. (Write “improvisation,” not improv. Use “introduction,” not “intro.”)
  • Do not depend on quotations to carry a message. “Normal” and “classic” written with quotations are not appropriate stand-ins for explaining what you mean by these terms.
  • De-center yourself in order to assert your ideas clearly.
    • Instead of “What catches me off guard…” consider “The dancers unexpectedly”
    • Instead of “I slowly notice” it could be “A subtle change emerged, …”



  • I recommend making your own printed copy of a draft if possible. Using a pencil/pen, cross out unnecessary wordiness by “greenlining” (see Omission by John McPhee). If you cannot print, undertake this editing process digitally.
  • Use the real estate of your page well. Like a small dorm or family room, make the best of the space you have.

Here is the Vinemo Link for the video:

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