The nation’s system of emergency management relies predominately upon the efforts of volunteer first responders. Is this type of system sustainable? Why or why not? What could be done to improve it? Cite a source or sources in support of your position.

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A volunteer system is always sustainable, so long as you continue to get volunteers. The fact there are so many agencies and programs that offer different types of volunteer support is a clear indication that this system is not going anywhere any time soon. An example would be the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program for the state of Florida. Theyâ€re advertised as a program where “…citizens can learn about disaster preparedness and…provide critical support in their local communities” (, 2018). The number of natural disasters that have devastated this country have made citizens aware of the reality of the situation; anyone at any time could get caught up in one of those situations, and no one wants to be caught off guard. Because of this, I believe that volunteerism will continue to stay at a healthy rate, which in turn will boost this system.
The cost for these programs is another reason why itâ€s sustainable. Unless it becomes detrimental in some way, the government will not turn down the chance to supply small portions of funding for the training materials used by volunteer groups, rather than paying large sums of the salaries to official workers. Programs, such as the American Red Cross, work even better in favor of the government. The Red Cross is funded via donations and is basically used as a “side-kick” for “…carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the Geneva Convention and other tasks that the federal government delegates to it” (How the American Red Cross Works, 2018). This is essentially free assistance, for lack of better terms, for the government. Only a little more than 40,000 employees are paid by Red Cross, while 1.2 million volunteers compile the rest of their roster (How the American Red Cross Works, 2018).
Reference:(2018). Emergency management. Retrieved on 5 February 2018 from
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Please respond to Danielle:

The nation’s system of emergency management relies predominately upon the efforts of volunteer first responders. Is this type of system sustainable? Why or why not? What could be done to improve it? Cite a source or sources in support of your position.
The volunteer first responders is in direct support of the emergency management system. I do believe this system works. It works because the volunteers are usually imbedded within the community. They are close to neighbors and the community. There is day to day interaction with the public from the first responders. They are the first ones on the scene. They are locals to the area and in the need of an emergency they know exactly where to go and how to get there. The first responders are always quick to react. Although, sometimes they may not be qualified for every type of an emergency they know how to get help if need be. They are able to react in a quick manner until the other local or state departments can get there. They do the same job as any other emergency department whether it is planning, training, exercises, or maintaining their equipment. With their quick response and accuracy they are able to help and prepare the other emergency departments in such a way as to what additional equipment or people they need to execute the mission.
Although, the program receives money I do believe one way to improve this program would be to fund more money. This will allow for first responders to attend more classes, update their equipment, and upgrades for their stations to be more effective. They need to be trained for everything that may occur whether it may be terrorists, chemicals, or weapons. I think in order for a better line of communication would be to have other emergency departments train together or even come together to work out any underlining issues. They can come up with plans to help better protect the communities as well as cohesion and trust. All emergency departments are very important and all have a critical role to obtain. It is important that they come together and train as one so there is a smooth line of communication. The actions of first responders will always be supported by other responding emergency agencies.
Bullock, H.C. (2013). Homeland Security The Essentials (Second ed.). Cambridge, MA, US: Katey Birtcher
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