Chapter 13 (Macionis,John J.,2019  Society: The Basics,15th ed., NJ: Prentice Hall.)

  1. Given the discussion in the text of the comparative advantages of capitalism and socialism, consider what the U.S. might gain and lose by moving toward a democratic socialist system. Are there specific demographic groups (gender, racial, ethnic, etc.) who are most likely to gain? To lose?  What are some of the positive and negative consequences of the current dramatic concentration of economic power in the U.S. in the hands of the directors of the top corporations?
  2. Identify a special-interest group or Political Action Committee (PAC) (e.g. Common Cause, National Association for Reform of Abortion Laws, American Association of Retired Persons) which is associated with a social issue of interest to you. Go to its website and review some of its positions on political issues.  Do you think that the power of special-interest groups or PACs improves or corrupts the U.S. political system? How, if at all, would you control or restrict their power and what might be the impact on the organizations ability to get its positions implemented into law or social policy?


 Chapters14 & 15 (Macionis,John J.,2019  Society: The Basics,15th ed., NJ: Prentice Hall.)

Watchthe following video on Youtube,  Stagesof Family Life: Crash Course Sociology #38, ()    Then answer the following questions:

1.Discuss some of the changing patterns of marriage and childbearing in the US.Be sure to include a discussion of racial and ethnic differences. 

2.What are some of the reasons the film and the Macionis text identify ascontributing to divorce as a socially acceptable alternative to stayingmarried?

Questionregarding Education:

3. Many Americans believe that access to a good education is all that is needed toovercome inequality in U.S. society. Do you agree? Why or why not?  Provide evidence from course materials tosupport your position.

4. Please provide some personal reflections about thiscourse: what are your “take aways;” how have you changed and grownbased on the material from the course; Please share your thoughts in a detailedand substantial manner. (please keep in mind that the course is “Principles of Sociology” when answering this last part). 

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