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1.   What forces driveorganizations to change so much and so rapidly? How and why?

Multiple factors aretaken into consideration when organizational leaders pursue change. Most of thefactors that influence the need for change have to do with how to better servetheir clientele or community more efficiently with less overhead or disruption. There is already a lot of competition that affects the outcomes of thebottom line in organizations and this can have an impact on how rapidlyorganizations pursue change. How can we better serve our clientele or communitybetter and how can we do it more effectively.  Many organizational leaderswill also look at why do we need to make these changes which in my opinion isone of the first questions that need to be answered.  For instance, in myprofession, some of these changes can derive from community input. Why would aRecreation Department need to offer online registration? Well because everyoneelse is doing it may not be the best answer but I look at many factors,including the ease it provides our community to register for sports andprograms online rather than taking the time out of their busy day to call myoffice. Perhaps their work schedule does not allow them to make a trip to ouroffice and only allows them time after hours. The next question to answer wouldbe how can we implement this change? We can implement this change by gatheringinformation on the multiple registration technology and working as a team tocome up with the most cost-effective and a software program that is simpleenough to operate to then work on implementing this change into ourdepartment. 

2.   What forces undermineorganizational change efforts? How and why?

The main force thatcan undermine any effort for change is the lack of participation or hesitancyfor the staff in the department to accept any new changes. Most of the timewhen a change occurs it is replacing an older way of doing things. How thisaffects the efforts is that there will be some resistance from staff on ridingthe older ways, perhaps employees that have been with an organization for sometime and want to stick with the way things have been done in the past. To them,it may be efficient but it is up to the organizational leaders to demonstratehow much more efficient and easier the new change will be. If a new changetakes effect and there is no plan on how to execute this change and get thestaff on board with it, it is very likely that the resources spent on thischange will be wasted.



 2nd post


1. What forces drive organizations to change so much and so rapidly? How andwhy?


Organizations areconstantly and quickly changing for a number of reasons. One big reason for allthe change is just the idea of supply and demand. If clients or customers needmore or less of a certain product or service, a company needs to change andshift resources in order to provide what the customer or client is looking for.Most recently, COVID-19 has been a big part of why there has been so muchchange in organizations the past two years or so. Working remotely has not beenan entirely new concept, but it is far more common because of the situationCOVID-19 has caused. Technology has also been a big driver of change. Newtechnology is always coming out and is able to create improvements forbusinesses. To stay ahead of competitors, businesses must stay up to date onthese advances in technology and implement them as fast as possible, which iswhat causes the change to happen so quickly.

2. What forces undermine organizational change efforts? How andwhy?

One force thatundermines organizational change efforts is pushback from individual employees.Some employees that have been working at a company for a long period of timemay not be as willing to change and like the way things are currently done.This can stem from overall communication, and poor communication aboutorganizational change can lead to more resistance to said change fromemployees.



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