You will write a research paper about:
Disseminate the pros and cons of energy resources, the economic feasibility of each, and the
overall best management plan to move forward effectively, sustainably, and in a more
environmentally conscious way. Which resources should be used, and which should not, and
to what extent? Please provide a plan which is most effective to balance between energy
availability, cost affordability, and also being mindful of climatological implications (and
other pollutant activities) which also damage the planet. (E.g.: Fertilizer run-off into
groundwater systems, rivers, hydrologic cycle, or plastic pollution creating microplastics
now in bodies of water, rain, and drinking water). Keep in mind parameters for example:
tidal energy cannot be used in a desert, solar energy has restrictions such as low sun exposure
in northern areas or winter months, or nuclear energy reactors need water to cool and why
they often are near bodies of water. Do not forget mining. 
Contemplate and describe how climate change differs over geologic time versus
anthropologic time (when humans exist).
Suggested starting point: Spend a good amount of time
familiarizing yourself with the Energy, Environment, and Economy (see illustration below).

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After, check out your state, region, and countrys geological survey websites. Use papers and
journals written by scientists and published in reputable journals and from academia. Use the
library on campus, in your community, or online with your university. Keep a non-biased
mindset when doing research and form well founded ideas to answer these questions. Use the
following questions to guide your research:
1. What is the earths overall trend in temperature in the past 100 million, 60 million, 100
and 50 years? What is the trend in the last 100, 150, or 200 years?
a. How do scientist distinguish between natural variability in the climate or
natural changes from earth, and human induced changes?
2. What mechanisms have contributed to the change of Earths climate?
a. Human activities?
b. Earth activities? E.g.: volcanos, axial tip of planet, planetary cycles
3. Does the earth naturally go through cycles which effect the climate and environment (i.e.,
Milankovitch Cycles)? What are these cycles?
a. How do these cycles specifically effect the climate?
b. How do we know about these cycles beyond theory?
4. Should humans be regulated on the planet or taxed (E.g., greenhouse emissions or
carbon taxes)?
a. How can this be done?
b. How would it be fairly regulated? (E.g.: country to country or person to person)
c. What does carbon neutral mean?
5. What are greenhouse gases and why do they matter?
6. Are alternative energies like renewables enough?
a. What alternative energies are most promising?
b. What energies do you believe are the most important to utilize?
7. What is your opinion on the use of nuclear energy? 
a. Why or why not is it an energy that should be in use? (Be specific)
8. What are the implications of each of the energy resources?
a. Fossil fuels require drilling into the ground, and release gases into the atmosphere.
But why are fossil fuels so widely used?
b. What are the downsides of renewables? Consider wind and solar.
c. How does mining occur and how is it good or bad for the planet?
9. What other mechanism exist for pollution and ultimately climate change besides the
extraction and use of energy? 
a. Agriculture and land use? How does mono-agriculture effect the planet? Are there
more sustainable practices we can be using for farming and the raising of
b. What ramifications do we as humans have on the water cycle in our day to day

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The Research Paper (50 pts)
Properly cite all of your references. This may be done in APA or MLA, which ever applies to
your major or personal preference. The paper should be no less than 1,000 words, double
spaced in a 12-point font. You may add (and should) figures, tables, or images to support your
argument(s). They should fit nicely with text or be attached like an appendix. Be sure to cite not
only your data, but your images. Add a reference page at the end with your references listed
alphabetically. You should have from 3-10 references. You will need to prepare and brainstorm,
then research, then decide your conclusions. If you need to learn how to write a research or a
scientific paper or how to properly cite or reference, do this before writing. You will need to edit
the paper and make changes that are necessary. After you revise, do a final proofread. This
assignment takes two weeks to complete for ample time to do research and academic writing.
Midway through the two weeks, for feedback, email your professor with your rough draft kindly
requesting comments or feedback. If you choose not to have feedback, you may miss the
opportunity to score full points upon final submission if criteria is not met. Submit the final draft
online by the due date.
The Rubric
Grade Criteria

Meets the criteria for Exceeds expectations, disseminates the pros and cons of energy resources,
economic feasibility of each, and explains how to be a better steward of earth in various ways
(personally/collectively). Covers a variety of energy forms (e.g.: nuclear)and their cost effectiveness
versus affordability. Contemplate and describe how climate change differs over geologic time versus
anthropologic time (e.g.: Milankovitch cycles). Keeps in mind all variables and parameters to best extent,
uses excellent reasoning and analysis. Goes beyond grammatical correctness to real readability. 

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