Success Criteria

The student:

shows a clear understanding of the writing prompt

demonstrates a clear understanding of the text(s)

knows how to develop an essay based on an explicit thesis


composes an insightful thesis that answers SO WHAT?

uses and fully explains all 6 supporting examples in body paragraphs (min. of 2 per body paragraph)

provides 6 direct and relevant quotations from the text and a minimum of 4 are from the B/C Novel and 2 from the Social Justice Essays


writes clearly and articulately

uses a sincere and consistent 3rd person voice

writes formally (void of colloquialisms (slang) and contractions)

organizes ideas logically

uses proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling

uses a consistent present verb tense


uses an effective and meaningful hook in the introduction (clear summary of the first half of the novel)

effectively uses methods of development and rhetorical devices to develop ideas

effectively follows the C I, Q Ex2 format

quotes direct passages using proper punctuation for all embedded references (MLA)

properly formats titles

creates an accurate, alphabetical Work Cited List (MLA)

has followed the writing process; revisions and peer edits are authentic and completed on time


paragraph 1 Quote

The first half of the novel was very interesting and fun. At the start of the book changz had dreams of coming to America to create this better life for him he studded in finacs and was the top student compared to his competition.
Moshin being confident, landed him that job, and thats how he could stay in new york city. He worked for a financial company. He was one of the harder workers and the team and became very successful making a lot of money and that made his parents happy
Later toward in the book he meat ercia when going on a vacation with his friends over the break which represented America and he feel in love with her at the start she wasn’t really interested but over time she started to talk to him also liked they both had a connection but she really could not get over chirs the boyfriend that died . He also felt better of the socitay as there were a lot of Muslim people in newyork and he could speak Urdu with them. He was basically living the American dream at the start of the book going out to party with his colleagues and having a great time. When on a work trip he was on 9/11 happened …….

"People’s behavior is determined by their environment."
Changez’s relationship with Erica has constantly changed throughout the reluctant fundamentalist novel written by Moshin Hamid.
Changez adapts his behavior to his environment in order to fit in which is illustrated through his relationship with Erica,his position as a professor at Princeton and his time as an employee at Underwood Samson.
In Greece, he met Erica when one of his friends invited him to vacation with some wealthy friends. When Change, Saw Erica for the first time, he fell in love instantly with her. At the time, many men liked her too, and change was jealous, but eventually, they could have one on one time.
One day, Erica sunbathes topless while Changez sits close by. She notices him looking at her, and he blushes. "Erica tells Changez that she likes how respectfully and politely he treats others. In response, he asks Erica, very politely, to join him for a drink. Erica agrees, gently making fun of his politeness." Erica thinks, collins 54. In this quote, we can see ercia is starting to catch feelings for a change. She likes how nice and kind he is. At first she is pretty hesitant about him not opening up to him, but khow she is becoming more interested. Change, who is Muslim, never seen women with many clothes on and talked to them, but he changed how his morals and talked to her.
Another example of how he adapts his behavior to fit in an environment with erica in the book was when he had sex in bed with erica in the museum religion you can’t do that till you get married, but he still did and tried to fit in the soictay of America.’’ she seems uncomfortable ‘’ ercia who could not let go of Chris did not expect change and that hurt him why he could not be that guy but some things are just not meant to be as we can see here.

After 9/11 things started getting worse with changez and erica relationship she started to grow apart from him getting more weaker and cangz started having different thoughts about the society ‘’I’m at a sort of a clinic she wrote an institution where people can recover themself i miss you too ‘ From loving being both in love with each other and then they grow apart at first he loved America but then he started to get my fursed with her and realizing he did not fit there .
Airport attack and how his team left him quote
‘’It hurts when you care about someone and they go away ‘’ This quote summeurzeirs the realhsinship between ercia and chagz he really cares about he and would do anything to make her happy but he love with crish was bigger you could not do anything to keep her away from him god comes first to a lot of people and that what crhis repsernts she did not want to be changz in the middle of her relationship it was too strong to do and some things are never meant there might be a greater thing waiting for change.

Change works really hard at the start of the book at underwood Samson. He was the top worker they he always wanted to go there because you get paid a lot of money and that could help his family also he was very passionate. Jim and change had a connection together because they both grow up kinda of poor and had a rough childhood at the start he was there best worker as we can see in this quote coolians 67 the team loved him he would get all the promotions be able to travel first class and live nice I get where you coming from change your hiugury thats good in my books’’ From this quote we can why change got the underwood Samson job he was very patient person and was always working very hard thats why he was very susseufullu . when working there he felt apart him and waniforgwairt where very close because they were the 2 non white employs there and had a connection because a forginee was an example because he was taught to respect his bosses and his accent helpd him he was always number 1 in the job being there top employs getting all the bounces life was going good there until.

After 9/11 working at underwood Samson for change become more challenging as he was too distracted on what’s happening out in the world like how his country could have been in threat to being attacked he was drinking a lot trying to get his mind of things and was really distracted by his environment. He started to here that Muslim employees were getting fried and when Pakistan was in therat for way he went there right away . When going back, change keept his bread on because he wanted to represent his religion a lot of people at the office did not like that feeling uncomfbatle but changz did not care he was gonna be himself not matter what. They offered him a job in chile and he went but hey could not get his mind of what was happening to his own countries and Juan buastist a church man made him realized that the difference was his values changed he realized the system was bad . Evuanttly they fried him and he had to go back to his home town Pakistan and this relates back to my thesis how human behiour is determined by there environment when 9/11 happened it will effected change people were discriminating him and people were looking at him in a different way. Connection to Chris vs erica vs change

From being a teacher to a student changz taught at the university in Pakistan that was his job

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