EDMG220 W6 EOP Assignment: Emergency Operations Plan


Write an all-hazards Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for the fictional location of Bobsville. Create only the "Basic Plan" section according to the examples in CPG101 v2 Chapter 3 and Appendix C. (Annexes will be created in other assignments and future classes as you progress through the program.)

As the basis for your basic all-hazards EOP, use the description of the town, and the Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (HVA) you created in EDMG101. If you have not taken EDMG101, use the sample provided here.

You are allowed to reference other sample EOPs as a reference to create yours but should be altering the details to fit to the specific location you are addressing. You will use this document and execute this plan in future classes so help yourself by being thorough.

The elements in your Basic EOP should be:

  1. Basic Plan
    1. Introductory Material
      1. Table of Contents
      2. Approval and Implementation Plan
        1. Whose buy-in and support you need to ensure the effectiveness of the plan and how you propose to secure it.
        2. How to share this plan with city/county officials, response organizations, and the public. Would there be opportunity for feedback?
    2. Purpose, Scope, Situation Overview, and Assumptions
      1. Purpose
      2. Scope
      3. Situation Overview
        1. Hazard Analysis Summary
        2. Capability Assessment
        3. Mitigation Overview
      4. Planning Assumptions
    3. Concept of Operations
    4. Organization and Assignment Responsibilities
    5. Direction, Control, and Coordination
    6. Information Collection, Analysis, and Dissemination
    7. Communication
    8. Administration, Finance, and Logistics
    9. Plan Development and Maintenance

See page CPG101 beginning at pg3-12 for detailed explanation of these sections.


Please create your response in a Microsoft word document, and upload as an attachment for submission. Papers are to use Verdana 12 point font text and 1 inch margins.

Use the following file name example when uploading your Word document as an attachment: YourlastnameEDMG220-EOP.docx

If you use your own HVA from EDMG101 please provide it as part of your submission.

Due: Sunday, by 11:55 ET

Rubric Name: EDMG220 Writing Assignment Grading Rubric

This table lists criteria and criteria group name in the first column. The first row lists level names and includes scores if the rubric uses a numeric scoring method.Criteria


20 points


15 points


10 points


5 points

Criterion Score


The writing engages the reader with an original approach to the subject. It may encompass conflicting ideas and inspires the reader to contemplate the relationship of complex ideas.

The writing clearly goes beyond the minimum requirements of the assignment. It attempts to engage the reader through originality and presentation of complex ideas.

The writing meets the minimum requirements of the assignment. It offers insight into the subject through basic logic and the presentation of ideas based on some evidence.

The writing fails to meet the minimum requirements of the assignment. It offers little insight into the subject and has serious flaws in logic and omissions in evidence.

/ 20

Thesis and Support

The writing has a clearly articulated original thesis and subordinate ideas supported by reliable and relevant evidence based on original research.

The writing has a clearly articulated thesis supported by appropriate evidence and sound logic. Minor gaps in logic and argument may appear.

The writing has a clear thesis and related subordinate ideas supported by clear thinking and appropriate evidence. Logical arguments may be one-sided or incomplete.

The writing may need a more clearly articulated thesis and/or appropriate related subordinate ideas. Fuzzy logic may be evident and adequate supporting evidence is lacking.

/ 20


The writing flows smoothly and logically from a well-defined thesis. It contains an appropriate introduction, conclusion, and smooth transitions.

The writing is organized logically and flows well. An introduction and conclusion are evident, but transitions may be smoother.

The writing demonstrates rudimentary organization and logical structure, but ideas may be more fully developed and supported by more appropriate evidence.

The writing is noticeably lacking in organization. There is no clear introduction nor conclusion and ideas are neither carefully nor fully developed. Supporting evidence is clearly lacking.

/ 20


The writing engages the reader through an original prose style appropriate to the subject. Language is precise. Sentences are varied but not noticeably so. Active voice is apparent.

The writing keeps the reader’s attention through a carefully crafted prose style. Language chosen is appropriate to the subject, but may call attention to itself in minor ways.

The writing is clear but could be expressed in a style more appropriate to the subject. It is jargon-free but may require a more complete explanation of some terms used.

The writing lacks clarity and is sometimes confusing. The language chosen is not appropriate to the subject nor the assignment.

/ 20


The writing is free of grammatical, proofreading, and stylistic errors. All quoted material is properly documented and cited. Main ideas are not lost in surrounding supporting evidence.

The writing may exhibit a few minor errors in grammar or style, but do impair the flow of the reading. Most quoted material is properly documented and cited.

The writing could benefit from additional proofreading, as some errors impede the flow of the reading. Sources are documented and cited but need to show greater consistency. Additional proofreading would help eliminate errors

The writing exhibits substantial errors in grammar and style so that the basic ideas are lost. Sources are overly quoted and not adequately documented or cited. There is no evidence of proofreading, editing, or rewriting.

/ 20

Rubric Total ScoreTotal

/ 100

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