Essay Prompt: Text to Experience

To date, you have read various reading assignments chosen specifically for you to critically analyze the ways popular culture affects the ways you think, believe, learn, and live. For this essay, you will be asked to examine how the focus of the topics discussed in “The Student Fear Factor” and “Brainology” relate to the experiences you have had in college. Please plan to use at least one quotation from each article to support the claims in your essay.


Please write a 3-page essay in which you examine the main focus of the two articles listed below and relate those claims to your own experiences. Dweck discusses the effects of two mindsets in regard to motivation and learning. How has your mindset affected your success in college thus far?  Cox discusses the effects of fear many first-time college students face. How do the fear management strategies used by the students in the Cox article relate to the fear management strategies that you have employed in your own college experience? 



  1. “The Student Fear Factor” by Rebecca Cox
  2. “Brainology" by Carol Dweck


Essay Components:

Your introduction should introduce each article and provide a brief summary discussing its main purpose. Please do not write your essay with the assumption that your audience, me,  knows the content described in the reading assignments. In addition, you will need to define any terms that use that may not be familiar to an audience whom have not read the articles. Finally, end your introduction with a statement that relates the articles to your college experiences.

Compose as many body paragraphs as you need to present your claims. Each claim should be supported with sufficient evidence from one of the three articles. Please include various examples of your own experiences to further clarify your claims.

Once again, make sure to add evidence from the articles to support your claims. Please use your notes to effectively integrate quotations in a cohesive manner to help the reader believe your claims. For every claim you make, you should have evidence from an article. Each article should be used at least once.

Furthermore, end your essay with a concluding paragraph that brings the audience to your present experience in college. You may introduce strategies that you plan to try in college to combat irrational fears or guilt. Your essay may be longer than 3 typed pages, but it can not be fewer than 3 full typed pages. In other words, 2.75 pages is not a completed assignment. In addition, please use Microsoft Word for this assignment. 



Final Draft Due: February 6th, by  11:59 pm


Length: To give me as full and detailed story as possible, your essay should be a minimum of 3 pages long. A 2.75 page essay  is too short, thus earning a failing grade. 

You can write more, but it must meet the minimum length. 

*MLA Format: Times New Roman, 12pt font, double spaced, no extra spaces between paragraphs, and have 1 inch margins—top, bottom, left, right. Please use Microsoft Word. 

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