Length:  6-8 pages (Please note: The 6-8 pages does NOT include a title page, abstract, Works Cited or References page. An abstract is not required and should only be used in APA papers. Do not attach your Annotated Bibliography.)
Description: In this paper, you will write on the same topic you wrote about in Essay #3. This time, however, you will be making an argument. In other words, rather than remaining neutral on the subject, you will be presenting YOUR point of view. In order to do this successfully, you will need to take into account the counter-arguments and refute them effectively. You can (and should) use the sources you found for your Annotated Bibliography, but you may use additional research if you need to. You will need to cite at least five quality sources in your paper. At least three must be scholarly. 
Points: 30. Please note that I cannot break down this paper with respect to point allocation like I have on previous papers. There are simply too many concepts to apply. Basically, every single skill that we’ve learned this term will be applied in this essay. I will, however, give an idea of what some of these requirements are. See the "Requirements" list below. 
Format: Use MLA or APA format. 1 inch margin. Double-space, but not quadruple-space between paragraphs. Use Times New Roman, 12 point font. Include your name, the course and professor’s name, the date, and “final draft” in the upper left hand corner of your paper for MLA. Use a cover page for APA. Note: If you do not use this format, I will reformat your paper and consider this your actual length.
Deductions for length: Each page is theoretically worth five points. Therefore, for each page you are short, you will lose five points. 
Pictures/graphs: Feel free to use them. However, they do not count when determining the length of your paper. So, if you have a ½ page graph or picture, your paper should have an additional ½ page of text.
Subheadings: Feel free to use them. However, they also do not count when determining the length of your paper. If you use subheadings, make sure to add length to your essay to compensate for this.
Plagiarism: This paper is the big enchilada. Because of this, I have a wide range of remedies at my disposal if a student commits plagiarism. I could fail the student for the whole course; I could fail them for the whole paper; I could fail them for the paper and deduct additional points; or I could do something less severe. Please know that I will be running your paper through Safe Assign to check for plagiarism.
Computer problems: You will have computer problems, your computer will get stolen, your dog will eat your computer, so it is your responsibility to protect yourself. Use Google Docs or a flash drive. Email your paper to yourself. Save it often. 
Recycled papers: This paper must specifically be written for this class with all new research. It may not be handed in to another class in the past, present, or future.
Check out the link for "Library/Writing Resources" that is located above the "My Grades" link. This will help you with research needs, including finding scholarly articles.

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