Please answer all questions thoroughly. This assignment is due January 5th at 11:59pm.




1.    According to Daniel Goleman’s findings, Nathalie has a high emotional intelligence but Cierra does not. Identify and define the five areas which determine emotional intelligence. For each area, describe likely behaviors for Nathalie that qualify her to be labeled as having a high emotional intelligence, and likely behaviors for Cierra that labels her as a person with a low emotional intelligence. What areas of emotional intelligence do you score high and which do you score low? What strategies could you use to raise your emotional intelligence?



2. Communication researchers have identified five predominant motives for listening. Give a description of each motive, and identify when or in what speech context it should be used. Next, tell us some potential pitfalls of each.

Support your understanding of this process by giving an example from your life.


3. Communication theorists have proven that individuals are driven to interact with others based on their attraction to them. Nathalie and Jerrome are attracted to one another. Using the six types of attractions (Physical, Receivables, Reflective, Magnetic, Localized, and Virtual) to tell us why. Then use Mark Knapps’s five (5) steps (Initiating, Experimenting, Intensifying, Integrating, and Bonding) to show how their relationship develops to ultimately getting married after their senior year at Hampton University


4. Describe the Johari Window. Describe how your Johari Window with your best friend and your Johari Window with your favorite professor would differ. What items would be included in each pane? Does the size of the panes in each window differ? How so?


5. Describe the three (3) characteristics of the transactional communication process:

              A) communication is continuous

    B)  all communicators play roles

    C) all communication has a past, present and future.


Support your understanding of this process by giving an example from your life.

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