Use the ethical decision model to specifically identify any ethical conflicts. Then, identify relevant stakeholders and their viewpoints. Develop a range of viable alternatives to resolve ethical conflicts identified, describe the impact each …………..
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Ethical Analysis Assignment 3PromotionUsing Social Media The situation to be analyzed is as accurate as I can recall it. Lori, my spouse, and I recently attended a conference at an upscale hotel in a large city. Upon checkinginto the hotel, l was offered an upgrade to full concierge service and asked if I would consider writingabout my experience on [well-known travel site].com. The front desk person handed me a business cardwith the travel web site preprinted -just so I wouldn’t forget- and wrote his name on the back of thecard. “It would be nice”, the desk person said, "if you would mention individual hotel employee namesin your review of the experience.” Other than perhaps mentioning the individual employee, l was nevertold what to say in any review I might post, but it was clear that the upgrade came with the implicitunderstanding of a positive review. What a delightful hotel experience! How could anyone not enjoy it? The hotel is a premium brand, butconcierge service is over and above even by those high standards. Full concierge service meant ourroom was one floor down from the top of the building. The room’s outstanding view overlooked thedowntown skyline and the city/s internationally renowned downtown attractions. We had full access tothe concierge lounge {the top floor of the building) with complimentary dinner and breakfast buffets.The food was excellent and there was an attractive variety to meet almost any diet -vegan, kosher, low-calorie, pile—on-pounds, etc. Coffee was sewed from silver urns with real cream in chilled silvercreamers. Romantic candle-lit tables set for two were beside the windows overlooking the city. All thetables had smoothly ironed white linens, silver utensils, and a bud vase with a fresh flower. Juice, beer,wine, and a variety of soft drinks were available—just help yourself to whatever you want. A cash barfor cocktails was expertly staffed and well stocked. Attentive servers wouid get whatever one wantedthat was not immediately available. For example, I didn’t like the chardonnay that well, so the serverfetched a very good pinot blanc from somewhere. We had access to a fast and uncrowded wirelessinternet service without the normal per day charges. Our parking was complimentary instead of theusual daily fee. The experience was oh-so nice; Lori and I did enjoy the hotel. But, without the upgrade,none of the concierge level amenities would have been available to us and the cost of our stay wouldhave been higher. The hotel probably would have been a good experience even without the upgrade,but not what we enjoyed. As we all know, word of mouth {WoM) can be quite powerful. [well-known travel site].com is used bymany business travelers at least in part because the site expressly disallows compensated or employeewritten reviews to the extent the site is able to determine the reviewer’s credibility. As a result, thereviews posted there can be a megaphone to a well-heeled market segment that travels often and staysat premium locations. At the time of our stay, {well known travel site].com ranked the hotel a ratherembarrassing, by upscale hotel standards, mid-point of all rated hotels in that downtown metro area.For a comparison example, the Hampton Inn outranked the hotel by a very wide margin. [haveabsolutely no knowledge, but it is possible that the hotel’s management was feeling some need forimproved customer ratings at [well-known travel site].com. Customer ratings on [well-known travel site].com do seem to be improving. An unscientific scan ofcustomer reviews posted to [well-known travel site].com for the hotel showed current reviews
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