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Examine e-commerce and describe its development.Compare and contrast the principal e-commerce business and revenue models.Evaluate the eight unique features of e-commerce technology. Assess howe-commerce has transformed marketing.


12 point Times Romanfont, at least 900 words does not include source notations. 900 words withinthe intro, all body paragraphs, and the closing paragraph. Source the listedtext book four times during this essay and use concepts from the listed book, Ido not have the book. All four sources should come from the listed book.


(H) Management InformationSystems Managing the Digital Firm
Kenneth C. Laudon, Jane P. Laudon, 2020



The paper must citethe listed text book four times. APA style for citing and referencing. Underthis style, you should have a short-form in-text citation at the end of a citedsentence (if you have quoted, summarized or paraphrased from a source document,and a complete reference at the very end of the essay in a reference section.The short-form citation is written inside parentheses and contains thefollowing information: the authors last names, the year of publication, andthe specific page number where the information was read. The year is includedonly in the first citation. In subsequent (short-form in-text) citations, youdo not need to write the year of publication again. For example: A traditionalbureaucracy should utilize a hierarchy or control that is spread throughout anorganization. (Thibault, Lynch, & McBride, 2011, p. 85) At the very end ofthe essay, in a Reference section, you must then give a complete reference ofeach source. For a book, the APA format is: Author, A. A. (Year ofpublication). Title of work: Capital letter also for subtitle. Location:Publisher.


The structure of anessay begins with the introduction which is the first paragraph and itintroduces the topic. It should include naming the main components ofthe answer. It should be at least 4 – 5 sentences. It tells the readerwhat the essay is about and mentions the main points. Then the body of theessay elaborates on each of the main points and it is at least 5 or 6paragraphs of at least 4 – 5 sentences. The last paragraph of an essay is theconclusion and it is a summary of the main points of the essay.Before you write the conclusion, go back and read the question, then write theconclusion, summarizing the main points of the answer. It should be a fullparagraph, usually 4 – 5 sentences. There is no new information in theconclusion. Citation within the essay is written with the last name of theauthor and the page number in parenthesis, placed at the end of the sentencethat it relates to. Add the year of the publication the first time you usecitation in the essay.




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