When you have completed reading the book, prepare a book review. A book review is an objective or subjective essay about a book; it is NOT a book report. A book review should:n1. Make clear what the author attempted to do and how well it was done.n• Who is the author, and what right has the author to be writing on this subject? n2. Convey an adequate idea of what the book has to offer.n• What are the subject, aim, and scope of the book?n• What seems to be the author’s purpose in writing the book?n• What are the thesis and main arguments? n• How does the book relate to this course?n3. Leave an impression of the reviewer’s opinion of the book’s quality.n• What are the book’s major strengths and weaknesses?n• What contributions to knowledge/understanding does this book make?n• How does it compare to other books by the same author and/or on the same subject?nnIf you are unfamiliar with how to write a book review, check the following sites:nhttp://www.lavc.edu/Library/bookreview.htmnhttp://www.library.dal.ca/How/Guides/BookReview/nhttp://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/704/01/ The review makes clear what the author attempted to do and assesses how well it was done. In addition, the reviewer provides an evaluation of the author’s qualifications.nThe review conveys an adequate idea of what the book has to offer and relates it to course material. In addition, the reviewer addresses the thesis, aim, and main arguments of the book.nThe reviewer provides an opinion of the book’s quality, including strengths, weaknesses, and contributions to knowledge. In addition, the reviewer includes comparisons to other books by the author and/or on the same subject. nAssignment meets required length and includes more than the required number of appropriate peer-reviewed references.nThe presentation reflects an exceptional degree of presentation creativity nnMeets all expectations for presentation style, wording, coloring, and graphicsnnnWriting and organization is consistently of outstanding quality. Flawless presentation. No spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors. Assignment is completely in APA format.nWritten work clearly demonstrates exemplary effort and shows significant initiative, creativity, and original thought.n
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