As your final project you’ll watch a TV series or fictional movie that shows the criminal justice system in action and make a presentation about the similarities and differences between what you see in the show and what we learned in class. You can choose any show, even one you have already watched.

In your presentation, describe at least three similarities or differences between what is depicted in the show and what we learned in class.

I’ll grade you using this rubric  Download this rubric. Don’t forget that you are NOT required to video record yourself; you can simply record your voice. This is very easy to do in PowerPoint (here are instructions (Links to an external site.)) or in Zoom (here are instructions (Links to an external site.))

You do not have to record a video of yourself unless you’d like to, but you should at a minimum submit 1) a powerpoint and 2) a voice recording of your presentation. 


Explain the video to ideas like 

– Structure of Policing (Eras)

– Idea of defunding the police

– Public defenders 

– Court Controversies

-Correctional Stratergies 

-Theories of Punishment

-Reentry and Recidivism

All topic were covered in class so find a video and compare it to these POV ideas!

The majority of the presentation should be devoted to describing three concepts we covered in class, and connecting these to what the movie/show demonstrates. But, you should also include some information on the show itself. I’m attaching here the grading rubric so you can get a better sense of what I’m looking for.

Area Points availablePoints receivedCommentsPresentation is an appropriate length (5-8 min) 10Presentation includes audio that is delivered in a professional manner10Presentation includes a visual aid that is well-organized with pictures, bullet points rather than full paragraphs, easily readable colors and font, and contains no spelling/grammatical errors10 Presentation gives background on the TV show used for the project including the year it was released, the intended audience, and the basic storyline20Presentation connects the content of the project to at least three concepts that were discussed in the class. Presentation compares and contrasts the themes in the show and in the class. 50Total points 100


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