The portfolio is a selection of work that demonstrates your writing abilities and knowledge about writing and critical thinking at the close of our course. For the purposes of this class, this assignment will be considered the final.

What goes in the Portfolio?

  • Title page (title + optional picture and/or quote)
  • Reflective Essay (~2 pages)
  • A final (3rd) draft copy of all essays completed during the semester (Literary Analysis Essay, Comparative Analysis Essay, Research Paper Analysis Essay)

Title Page You should title the portfolio in a way that captures your sense of yourself as a writer and critical thinker at this point in your educational journey. You can include a picture and/or quote on the title page as well. A quote can come from anywhere (any text, movie, lyrics, etc.) but should illustrate your perspective about writing and/or critical thinking. You will discuss the significance of your title (picture and quote too if you included them) in your Reflective Essay.

Reflective Essay for Portfolio The Reflective Essay is a self-assessment that examines the entire body of your work (all of your writing up to this point) rather than a single subject and/or inquiry thread. Your task is to examine, or reflect on, your own writing and situate your observations and interpretations within the context of our discussions about writing, literary analysis, and critical thinking skills. The portfolio, in essence, is a presentationa somewhat persuasive demonstration illustrating how you approached writing and critical thinking before our course, and how you see yourself, as a writer and thinker, now, in relation to these same abilities/skills at the close of the course. Also, consider the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the semester: did you reach them? Reflect on how youve evolved as a student and writer from when this course began to now–how much has your idea of writing and your own writing process changed?

All Essays You are to include final (3rd) draft copies of all the essays you have written in this course. In including your essays, you will be expected to discuss these pieces in your Reflective Essay, and explain specifically what their growth illustrates about you as a writer and critical thinker. As such, I recommend that you discuss how the essays reveal your analytical skills at workyour abilities to develop, examine, and communicate an informed perspective. 

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