PART ONE: The Cinema of Attractions

 In his essay, Tom Gunning describes two paths that developed in film: the cinema of attractions, and an opposite drive towards films that told stories. Read the Gunning article carefully and discuss the tension between the 

“Cinema of Attractions” and the desire for stories. How did technological breakthroughs contribute to either of these 

audiences desires?

PART TWO: Art in The Age of Mechanical Reproduction

The hold that the original (non-reproducible) work had in art was slowly being lessened as we evolved from 

Gutenbergs printing press, into the photograph and then motion pictures.

Discuss Walter Benjamin’s idea of mechanically reproduced art versus the individual work of art. Discuss how the 

nature, use, and reception of art drastically changed from ancient art into the 20th century.

Walter Benjamin makes an analogy: that the “painter is to the magician” as the “cameraman is to the surgeon.”  

What does this analogy actually mean? Re-read the essay and find this part if you’re not sure…

Your essays must demonstrate you have read the assigned articles/ essays about the work, era, director. 

I encourage you to find other information about the works from valid sources. Valid academic sources include academic journal articles, trade publication etc. 

You should credit the source of your content, either through footnotes or attribution. 

For example, you would say, I read an article entitled The Lumiere Brothers and Cinema in Bright Lights Film Journal

 which discussed the expressionist qualities in the work of director Fritz Lang. Or whatever you found out. 

Great essays include references to other academic level sources and YOUR PERSPECTIVE 

Include your informed opinion/perspective on the subject. The essay will then be reflective of not only the facts you 

have learned but also your point-of-view on the matter/s, a perspective that extends out and comments upon what you

 have learned 

Full credit includes essays that include references and/or discussion related to the reading and lecture material; make 

connections among the lectures, readings, and films, references other readings, introducing new ideas and questions in 

the process, includes your own perspective, and thoroughly addresses the prompt. 

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