Politics, in this case with a small p not capital P has been at the forefront of criminal justice organization functioning and management for a century. Sworn and civilian employees discharge their duties as part of service to their communities. Some communities have local elected criminal justice boards that provide advice and oversight to criminal justice leaders. Others may have civilian oral boards for promotion and still others have civilian disciplinary oversight boards. As criminal justice service changes, so too, has the re-emphasis on the deployment of community oversight boards. But this is a challenge for many in the criminal justice field as politics and discharging the rule of law often do not mix well. Criminal justice agencies, are public-sector agencies charged with discharging their duties within the context of political environments. New city elected officials may demand greater enforcement of curfew laws, funding cuts may cause reductions in staff and community members may voice their concern about police practices in the community. This balance between enforcement and politics is sometimes called an intimate dance, with each entity taking the lead role at some point in the process.  This week, you will explore some of the challenges and pitfalls of existing within a political environment. Three articles this week will help us focus on the topic of politics and criminal justice.  Campbell, 2016, will explore how local conditions that include demands on the police department and community needs influence police action and perceptions of law and order in communities.  Pickett, 2016, will help explore the role of changing community demographics and how those changes translate into a refocus on community priorities based on migration trends. Finally, Scott, 2017, will deepen this discussion with an exploration of race and the nature of race and community relations and decision-making.  This will all culminate in the assignment this week.  In this weeks assignment, you will formulate a case statement and provide a recommendation.  The case statement will be an issue that is politically sensitive in your community, which you will present, to the chief or warden with two recommendations on a path forward.

Be sure to review this week’s resources carefully.  You are expected to apply the information from these resources when you prepare your assignments.


Formulate a case statement with a recommendation: As the second in command at the organization, Formulate a case statement with a recommendation to the police chief or prison warden which highlights a community issue you are aware of which may have political implications (e.g., the major’s son was arrested for DUI or the death of an inmate at the jail appears to be racially motivated). Your case statement should discuss the concepts of a case and also the potential political ramifications.  Finally, provide a recommendation of at least two options for next steps which the police chief or prison warden can consider. 

References:  Include a minimum of five scholarly references. 

Your memo should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect graduate-level writing and APA standards. 

Please use the following article: https://www.complex.com/life/cedric-lofton-family-seeks-criminal-charges-after-teens-death-rule-homicide

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